Thursday, December 14, 2017

TSTT: Union using courts against us

Telecoms provider TSTT is accusing the Communication Workers Union (CWU) of encouraging workers to use the court system against the company in order to “defend clear instances of poor work ethic”.

In a statement yesterday, TSTT said it was obliged to highlight recent victories in the Industrial Court against workers who were dismissed, and subsequently challenged the decision through the union, because it was the one judgement against the company that had been highlighted.

The company said that judgements in its favour had recently been delivered on three long-standing matters.

The first involved an employee fired for peddling mobile phones that were his and not TSTT’s, resulting in a conflict of interest. The court upheld the company’s decision.

Another involved an employee who was dismissed who had been absent without leave, failing to report for duty. The court did not accept the union’s contention that the dismissal was “harsh, oppressive or not in accordance with good industrial relations practice”.

There was also a case where an employee who had been fired for “physical obstruction and subsequent assault” against another unionised worker eight years ago was reinstated by court order because the victim withdrew his witness statement.

The company also said two injunctions against it had been filed by the union in the last week.

The company was successful against the union’s attempt to stop the deductions of overpayments of Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) from the salaries of senior staff because the union’s lawyers withdrew in light of proof submitted that the CWU had agreed to the payments.

“The company questions the tactic employed by the CWU and wastage of the court’s time for something they previously agreed to do,” TSTT said.

The CWU also filed to postpone the election of members’ representatives to manage the TELCO Pension Plan.

“The company hopes the matter will be resolved during the hearing scheduled for March 13,” TSTT said.