Monday, December 18, 2017

TTMA wants Beverage Bill

 The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) has refuted a statement by Minister in the Environment Ministry Ramona Ramdial that the business group was a cause for the delay in the Beverage Container Bill’s progression through its stages toward implementation. 

“The Minister in the Ministry of Water Resources and the Environment is quoted (in the Express on Wednesday) as saying that ‘We (the Ministry) had some problems with the TTMA. They were working out and fine tuning some of the clauses in the bill with respect to the incentives and the fines…’

While TTMA has raised its concerns with previous versions of the bill, it has not been the only organisation involved in the process, raising concerns, and there are many other clauses which have led to the need for considerable review and multi-stakeholder consultation, in the interest of the country as a whole,” the manufacturers said in a statement yesterday.

“We wish to publicly reiterate that TTMA has always been, and remains an advocate towards the implementation of a Beverage Container Bill that is beneficial to the environment and, at the same time, ensures that all of industry is not in any way adversely affected by the changes that it will bring into effect. We look forward to a system that will facilitate easy and effective collection of recyclable materials and eventually a fully-fledged recycling industry in Trinidad and Tobago.”

It added: “The TTMA acknowledges the Ministry of Water Resources and the Environment’s efforts in bringing the Beverage Container Bill up to a standard that is satisfactory for the national community, and its determination to involve all stakeholders that will be affected upon its implementation.”