Monday, December 18, 2017

Valentine's Day sales flourish

After Carnival comes Cupid, and there were some romantics searching the stores yesterday for that special something for their special someone for Valentine's Day today.

Flowersómore specifically rosesówere the top sellers at several florists around the country, although the rush was not all that was expected.

"Today is mostly people who are trying to beat the rush, so it's not too bad. People are coming in but I expect it will be very last minute so (Valentine's Day) is when we are expecting the crowd," said Fazi Mohammed of Buds and Blooms, Trincity Mall.

At Floralistics in San Fernando, sales were also slow but expected to pick up today, a representative told the Express in a telephone interview.

At the Garden of Eden, corner Queen and Abercromby Streets, Port of Spain, owner Crystal Rajcoomar said it was very busy.

"It's like (yesterday) is Valentine's Day," she said, attributing the rush to Carnival coming just before the holiday.

"We still are expecting a bigger rush tomorrow," she said.

Imported roses from Colombia were the top pick, along with other flowers in mixed arrangements, including orchids and new rainbow roses, although Rajcoomar said the shop also sold chocolates, teddy bears and balloons.

Most requests have been special orders that will be delivered to sweethearts sometime today.

"Every year the holiday is getting bigger and bigger," she said.

But despite the variety of colours and species available, a rose by any other name does not come cheap.

A bouquet of a dozen roses can set you back anywhere from $500 to $750.

A single rose in a vase and baby's breath costs about $50 to $75; wrapped in plastic with baby's breath is about $30 to $50; and a single rose is about $15 to $25.