Tuesday, February 20, 2018

iPhone5 available today

The iPhone5 is here.

Apple's newest mobile smartphone, which was launched back in September by the California, USA-based Tech Company, will be available to local consumers from bmobile retailers and flagship locations today.

Customers can also pre-order their handsets at www.bmobile.co.tt.

Models start at $1,123 for 16GB; $1,897 for the 32GB; and $2,671 for the 64GB. Older series, iPhone4s and iPhone4 will start from $349. All prices are VAT-exclusive. The company will offer various pricing plans and data packages. Packages will require customers to sign a two-year contract.

"We are extremely excited to bring iPhone5 to our customers as part of our commitment to offer the best in mobile innovation. With iPhone5, we are delivering on that promise and backing it with an industry leading network," bmobile's acting executive vice president for mobile services, Ronald Walcott, said in a release yesterday.