Wednesday, January 17, 2018

LATEST CARNIVAL RESULTS - Lady Africa captures Extempo crown

O'Conner, Allen also victorious

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AFRICAN ROYALTY: Lady Africa, as she sang her way to the 2012 Extempo crown at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Thursday. -Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY

Donstan Bonn

Leslie-Ann “Lady Africa” Bristow sang her way to the 2012 Extempo King title at the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) "Kaisorama-A Night of Champions" competition, at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Thursday.

After solid performances in the two elimination rounds, Bristow stepped up her game in the championship showdown with Brian London to become the country’s first female champion.

Also victorious on the night were Calypso Monarch finalists Duane O’Conner and Kurt Allen.

O’Conner gave a polished rendition of his 2012 Young Kings winning song “The Hunt Is On” to win the Social Commentary category while Allen captured the Political Commentary crown with “Long Live Calypso”.

Allen, singing "When Will It End”, and Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool, with "How’s Dat”, were second and third, respectively, behind O’Conner. Heather Mc Intosh, who performed "The Adjective", was second in the Political Commentary category, while third spot was copped by Neville “Bunny B” Brown with “Political Lightening”.



1. Leslie-Ann “Lady Africa” Bristow

2. Brian London

3. Joseph Vautor La Placelier (Lingo)

Social Commentary

1. Duane O’Conner – “The Hunt Is On”

2. Kurt Allen – “When Will It End”

3. Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool – “How’s Dat”

Political Commentary

1. Kurt Allen – “Long Live Calypso”

2. Heather Mc Intosh – “The Adjective”

3. Neville “Bunny B” Brown – “Political Lightening”