Thursday, February 22, 2018

Govt takes tongue lashing in Kalypso Revue opening


big performance: Reigning Calypso Monarch Pink Panther sings “Not Tonight” at the Arima Velodrome on Friday night during the opening of Kalypso Revue. —Photo: ayanna kinsale

Mark Fraser

Reigning National Calypso Monarch Eric “Pink Panther” Taylor unveiled a major clue on the line of his title defence when the Kalypso Revue opened its 2014 season at the Arima Velodrome on Friday night.

Panther told the tent’s faithful all the things he should not be commenting on as a responsible Monarch with the debut of his tongue in cheek offering “Not Tonight”.

“I could tell you what they say about Kamla, for election night how she drink up she liquor and on de TV she was high like a kite,” Panther sang to gasps from the audience before his chorus harmonised: “But not tonight, not tonight,” to rousing applause.

Panther’s satirical attack set the tone for the Revue’s highly critical review of the People’s Partnership’s performance in government. More than half of the 25-member cast voiced their disapproval of the ruling party. 

Leading the charge were tent stalwarts Dr Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool and Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osuna. 

Chalkdust accused the current administration of playing a guessing game with national policy during his rendition “Guest List” before declaring them lucky not to have to face the ire of deceased calypsonians Roaring Lion, Lord Kitchener, Maestro and Spoiler among others in “Ah Miss de Bards”. Tent manager Aloes, meanwhile, told of the irony of facing the political traffic light, referring to the partisan red of the People’s National Movement, the yellow of the People’s Partnership and the green of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP).

Crowd favourite Carlos “Skatie” James, however, adopted a more light-hearted approach with the comical “Jack & Jill”. 

He likened the fallout between the Prime Minister and Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner to the popular nursery rhyme.

The loudest cheer of the night was reserved for new boy Brian London performing “Callout Your MP”. 

London enjoyed a dream debut, inclusive of three encores, as he told the story of listening in to a radio call in programme about absent MPs in communities around the country.

“Look yuh MP, look him dey, doh let him get away,” sang the entire Velodrome, as they joined in on the refrain, waving hands from side to side with the San Fernando-based calypsonian.

“It was so much love out there, I never expected that reaction and they say the (calypso) tent is dead. I think we resurrected it tonight,” a pumped up London, told the Sunday Express following his performance.