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Madray is King of Carnival

...Marchan cops queen title

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Donstan Bonn

Wade Madray, portraying "Quars Al Sahraa 'Desert Sting', maintained his frontrunning position to clinch the 2014 King of Carnival title at the National Carnival Bands Association's (NCBA) King and Queen of Carnival finals at the Queen's Park Savannah, in Port of Spain, on Friday. ?

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Madray, who topped the semi-finals with 436 points and was six clear of his closest challenger, again won the nod of the judges in amassing 431 points to come home five ahead of "Zanzikil - Lord of Chaos", the presentation of Curtis Eustace.

He began his presentation with the house lights switched off as various sections of his giant scorpion costume glowed red, creating an impressive atmosphere.

Eustace also impressed with his giant dragon-shaped coustme and its accompanying wings.

Ravi Lakhan was able to jump one position up the standing from the semi-final round to cop third place with his portrayal "Nagin Saphera - The Serpent Charmer." He was awarded 424 points.

In the Queen of Carnival competition, Peola Marchan emerged the winner with her portrayal "Zamara, Mirage Of The Oasis, in what was a dramatic change in positions from the previous round..

Marchan, who came out of the semi-final in seventh position with 392 points, impressed the judges enough to amass 427 points and clinch the title.

Second place went to "Refraction: A Phenomenon Of Light" portrayed by Tamika George, who earned 408 points to make also make significant headway from her previous position of ninth.

Laura Rampersad's presentation "African Drum Dancer" collected 402 points to claim third.



1. Wade Madray (Legacy Mas) – “Quars Al Sahraa: Desert Sting” – 431

2. Curtis Eustace (Show Time Trinidad)– “Zanzikil – Lord of Chaos” – 426

3. Ravi Lakhan (Antourage) - "Nagin Saphera-The Serpent charmer - 424

4. Ronald Blaize (Legacy) - De Tornado - 421

5. Glen Dave Lakhan (Good Hope Associates) - "After Earth" - 408

6. Ted Eustace (Paparazzi Carnival) – “Monkey Know What Tree To Climb” – 407 

7. Fareid Carvalho (Carvalho Productions) - "What Lies Beneath" - 400

8. Earl Beckles (Dream Team Carnival) - "Scorpion King" - 394

9. Zinool Mohammed – “Madiba (The Heart of a Warrior)” – 388

10. Clyde Bascombe – “Poseidon Comin’” – 388.


1. Peola Marchan (Trini Revellers) - "Zamara, Mirage Of The Oasis - 427

2. Tamika George (R Bailey & Associates) - "Refraction: A Phenomenon Of Light" - 408

3. Laura Rampersad (Ivan Kalicharan) - "African Drun Dancer" - 402*

4. Kay Mason (Festival of Colours) – “Burrokeet Woman” – 402*

5. Raevon Atherton (Paparazzi) – “High Noon On The Comanchero Sacred Grounds” – 398*

6. Tracell Frederick (Colourz Fuh So) – “Hera – Bonds of Unity” – 398*

7. Alendra Bailey (D’ Midas T&T) – “Warrior of Fire: Rise of The Mystic Phoenix” – 395

8. Gloria Dallsingh (Ivan Kalicharan) – “We Beat Pan Music” - 392

9. Denesha Jennings (Jennings & Associates) – “Indeera (Mother of India)” – 380

10. Cherry-Ann Patrice Valere (Good Hope Associates)  – “The Unusual Beauty” – 366

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