Monday, January 22, 2018

Schools Chutney Soca Monarch final on Tuesday

The finals of the 2014 Schools National Carnival Chutney Soca  Monarch Competition takes place on Tuesday at the NCC’s Carnival Village, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, from 10 a.m. The following is the list of finalists:

Primary Schools Name of Contestant Title of Song

1 Arima Boys RC School Josiah Jason James “Tassa Talking”

2 Arima Boys RC School Tyrese J Williams “Trini To The Marrow”

3 Egypt Village Govt Primary   Daniella   Alexander “Crash Course”

4 Macaulay Govt Primary Tyra Deonarine “Stop This Crime”

5 Trinity Junior School Aaron Duncan “Never Let You Go”

6 Mt. Pleasant Govt Primary Nirmala Ramdass Singh “Moral Values”

7 Chaguanas Govt Primary Randy Harris “No Where But Trinbago”

8 Eshe’s Learning Centre N ‘janela Duncan-Regis “Real Unity”

9 Mt Pleasant Govt Primary Suraj Rarndass Singh “A Child’s  Cry”

10 Arima Boys RC School Jeremiah Marlon James “Children Taking Over  Chutney”

11 Ortoire RC School Vikash Dillon Jonas “Do Lo”

Secondary Schools

1 Couva West Secondary Nicholai Rampersad “Crime In De Country”

2 St. Francois Girls College Jerrisha Duncan-Regis “Chutney Madness”

3 Five Rivers Secondary Shane Joseph “l ls Ah Trini”

4 Swaha Hindu College Ferdinand  Smith “All Over The Place”

5 Guaico Secondary School Melina Smith “Indian Words”

6 Couva West Secondary Kerwyn Alridge   “Whay Yuh Goin’To Do”

&Tenique Beckles

7 Hillview  College Arindel  Suraj “Chutney In Trouble”