Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Size didn’t matter in King contest


second: Faried Carvalho portrays “What Lies Beneath”. He placed second during the preliminary of the King and Queen of Carnival competition at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Thursday night. —Photo: MICHEAL BRUCE

Mark Fraser

Faried Carvalho punched well above his weight to land a few surprise early blows at the preliminary round of the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) Senior Kings & Queens Carnival competition on Thursday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The theatre director-cum-masman cued a dramatic entrance theme that featured a dancing pixie anointing the stage with fairy dust in anticipation of the arrival of the king. When the king did appear he was much smaller than the well-populated Grand Stand expected. With the entire costume carried solely on his back Carvalho quickly won them over with the ease of movement his costume afforded. 

It was enough to earn him second place on the night. Just two points behind prelims winner Legacy King Wade Madray’s portrayl “Quars Al Sahraa Desert Sting”.

“I believe a true masquerader has no wheels. So my costume is carried by me. It is the great man [Peter] Minshall, who I look up to and respect dearly, that taught me the costume is an extension of the masquerader,” Carvalho explained.

At 18 feet high by 12 feet wide and weighing in at a feather-weight 95 pounds Carvalho’s portrayal was pint sized compared to the elaborate floats that made their way on the Savannah stage. And according to him, cost only $67,000 to put together.

Compare that to defending Carnival King Ted Eustace’s 26 feet high by 30 feet wide 900- pound portrayal “Monkey Know What Tree to Climb.” 

The massive structure, which cost an estimated $140,000 to put together, is rife with cannabis references. It features two large monkeys in Rastafarian hats standing atop a mound of red ants from which spouts two large leaves of the illegal plant. He could only manage a third place finish, however, on the night.

“You are allowed up to three wheels in the rules. And sometimes because of the size of the costume you are forced to put wheels as a balance. That’s why my costume has two wheels,” explained the Paparazzi Carnival King.

Eustace, however, says he has a problem with inconsistent judging where costumes without wheels are awarded more points. 

“Some judges look at it as ‘this man have no wheels give him more points’ and that can put the bigger and the better kings at a disadvantage. My point is if we have decided we’re allowing wheels don’t penalise a man for it or else let us decide no wheels at all and go with that,” he said.

Just under 100 costumes were presented in the Kings and Queens categories during an eight-hour marathon show at the Carnival mecca. 

The show did not follow the scheduled appearance as listed in its programme, but moved forward smoothly none-the-less, with the exception of the rare king and queen who were determined to milk every minute of their time in the spotlight and had to be signalled off the stage in darkness and without music.

Tamkia George of Sangre Grande-based Rudolph Bailey & Associates holds pole position heading into Tuesday’s semi-final round after topping the points table in the Queen’s competition with “Refraction: A Phenomenon of Light”. 

Twenty kings and queens have been selected to move on to the semi-final round of the competition scheduled to come off on Tuesday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah. See full listing of semi-finalists below.

How they finished


1. Wade Madray – Legacy Mas – “Quars Al Sahraa - Desert Sting” – 423;

2. Faried Carvalho – Carvalho Productions - What Lies Beneath”- 421;

3. Ted Eustace – Paparazzi Carnival – “Monkey Know What Tree To Climb” – 413;

4. Ravi Lakhan  - Antourage - “Nagin Saphera -The Serpent Charmer” -  407;

5. Ronald Blaize – Legacy - “De Tornado” 406;

5. Curtis Eustace – Show Time Trinidad - “Zanzikil -Lord Of Chaos” - 406;

5. Earl Backles – Dream Team Carnival – “Scorpion King” – 406;

8. Glenn Dave Lakhan – Good Hope Associates “After Earth” – 399;

9. Keston Benthum – Mas Passion - “Adoni -Father Of Love And Life” – 387;

10. Marlon Rampersad – Ivan Kalicharan – “Sweet Soca And Chutney” – 384;

11. Radcliffe Lucius Forrester – Good Hope Associates - “The Visitor” - 382;

12. Aldric Bailey – D’ Midas T&T – “The Beginning Of The Day In The Heart Of the Forest” - 381;

13. Zinool Mohammed – “Madiba (The Heart Of A Warrior)” - 380;

14. Brian Chin - “Zeus:Father Of Gods And Men” – 377;

15. Kevin Bledman – Jennings & Associates “Madiba (Father Of Africa)” – 373;

16. Clyde Bascombe – “Poseidon Comin’” – 370;

17. Jeffrey Serrette – Cherish Griffith’s Family – “Pyro The Fire Dragon” – 368;

18. Lionel Jagessar Jr – Lionel Jagessar & Associates – “So-Son-Dowa (God Of The Hunt And Protector Of The Natives)” – 365;

18. Balnarine Bennie – “Shipwreck At Bucco Reef” – 365;

20. Patrick Roberts Jr – “Blue Devil In The River Of Ritual & Rebellion” – 358;


1. Tamika George – R. Bailey & Associates – “Refraction: A Phenomenon Of Light” – 411;

2. Laura Rampersad – Ivan Kalicharan – “African Drum Dancer” – 407;

3. Alendra Bailey – D’ Midas T&T - “Warrior Of Fire:Rise Of The Mystic Phonenix” – 406;

4. Raevon Atherton – Paparazzi – “High Noon On The Comanchero Sacred Grounds” – 401;

5. Kay Mason – Festival of Colours – “Burrokeet Woman” – 394;

6. Kimberly Patterson Lewis – Good Hope Associates – “Heat Fuh So” – 393;

7. Desiree Auguste – The Belmont Jewels – “Life Blood”- 391;

8. Kerina Badal – Lionel Jagessar & Associates - “Atira - The Totem Storyteller” - 391;

9. Tracell Frederick – Colourz Fuh So - “Hera - Bonds Of Unity” – 390;

10. Denesha Jennings – Jennings & Associates - “Indeera (Mother Of India)” – 388;

11. Liselle Frauenfelder  - D Krewe Company Ltd – “Siren’s Seduction” – 386;

12. Peola Marchan –– Trini Revellers -“Zamara, Mirage Of The Oasis” – 382;

13. Gloria Dallsingh – Ivan Kalicharan – “We Beat Pan Music” – 381;

14. Wendy Mathew - Dream Team Carnival - “Golda - The Galactic Warrior Queen” - 380;

14. Cherry-Ann Patrice Valere – Good Hope Associates – “The Unusual Beauty” – 380;

16. Roxanne Omalo – Antourage - “Goolie Ki Rani -Queen Of Gold” – 377;

17. Olivia Brown – Sword & Associates -  “Madame Bacchanal” – 368;

18. Dinisha Porter – Berlin & Associates – “Diamonds Are Forever” – 366;

19. Stacy-Ann Turpin – Trini Indulgence - “Botanical Beauty” - 363 ;

19. Joan Mohammed – “Beauty Beneath The Ocean” – 363.