Tuesday, January 23, 2018

‘Sting’, ‘Oasis’ take Carnival crowns


‘big tail’: Gyasi Pilbert copped the Junior King of Carnival title with his presentation “Promise of the Rainbow” at the finals held at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Friday night. —Photo: JERMAINE CRUICKSHANK

Mark Fraser


CAPTIVATING COLOURS: “Angel of the Buccoo” portrayed by Cyan Lue Sue copped the Junior Queen of Carnival title at the finals at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Friday night. —Photo: GARY CARDINEZ

Mark Fraser

Parading as “Quars Al Sahara Desert Sting”, a massive scorpion, from Legacy Mas band’s Nature’s Touch Wade Madray walked away with the King of Carnival title on Big Friday at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.   

Led by a smaller version of a scorpion, Madray came on stage in last position with his massive costume which featured lights on the body of the insect.

While the tail stood about 20 feet in the air, the claws of the scorpion were manipulated by the masquerader and showed predatory movements. 

Interestingly, the costume which paraded before Madray was called “Scorpion King”.

Peola Marchan took the Queen of Carnival title with her portrayal of “Zamara, Mirage of the Oasis” from Trini Revellers band, The Sultan’s Palace, another massive costume depicting the image of an oasis in the desert. 

There was less movement in this costume but the colours were captivating.

Ten Kings and ten Queens paraded before the judges in both categories vying for the prestigious titles. 

Madray and Marchan won the titles in 2011 with “Pacific Tsunami” and “D Jeweled Chandelier”, respectively.

“Big Friday” proved to be an entertaining show as ten junior Kings and Queens also paraded before the judges in search of titles.  

Cyan Lue Sue portraying “Angel of Buccoo” took the Junior Queen title beating out T’Shaun Billouin’s “Cannes Brulees-Cane Fire Burning” by 16 points.

Nikkita Katwaroo portraying “Queen of the Ocean” came in third, five points behind, while Brianna Depeaza with “Amitola-Goddess of the Rainbow-A Tribute to Stephen Dereck” was fourth. 

“The Mystical Creature from the Deep” by Ashley Rambharose came in fifth.

Gyasi Philbert took the title of Junior King of Carnival with his portrayal of “Promise of the Rainbow”. 

He was closely followed by Bradley Rambhrose with “Oil Spill in the Sea”.

Akeem Lemessy danced his way into third place with a costume called “Dance Mandela Dance” while “The Aztec Eagle Warrior” portrayed by Jardel Aguillera placed fourth. 

The Junior and Senior Queens danced on stage to the music of 3Veni with lead vocals by 2014 Chutney Soca Monarch Kris “KI” Persad and Neval Chatelal.

After the competitions, the Alternative Quartet together with Natalia Dopwell paid tribute to Trinidad and Tobago’s first international artist, Michel-Jean Cazabon. The Metamorphosis and Jhoti Sona Dance companies danced as they all revealed 19th century dress and traditions.  This was dedicated to 200 years of Cazabon.

After her victory Marchan said she is a veteran in the business, having done it for 18 years. And while it takes hard work to reach this stage it is always a pleasure to come out a winner, she added.

This year’s “Big Friday” was a marked improvement from last year.

The programme was well put together, there was a live stream and it attracted a good crowd.



The results:


Juniors: Queen

Angel of The Buccoo Cyan Lue Sue 444

Cannes Bruleees-Cane Fire Burning T’Shaun Billouin 418

Queen of the Ocean Nikkita Katwaroo 413

Goodess of the Rainbow Brianna Depeaza 391

Mystical Creature from the Deep Ashley Rambharose 389

Music Under the Stars Ivana Mohammed 389

Jus De Fruits Tropicaux Vaughnecia Mieres 386

Butterfly Fantasy Legen Julien 378

Mother of the Pitch Lake Arianna Agostini 375  

The Crystal Lake of Serengeti Alyssa Yearwood 369


Juniors: King

Promise of the Rainbow Gyasi Philbert 409

Oil Spill in the Sea Bradley Rambhorose 404

Dance Mandela Dance Akeem Lemessy 401

Aztec Eagle Warrior Jardel Aguillera 399

Legend of the Pitch Lake Armando Sham Poo 398

Junkanoo Jamboree Denzil Patrick Jennings 398

Sea Fun So Michael Barnes 397

Dancing Dragon King Kriston Chandler 397

Ju Ju Warrior Akeel Superville 390

The Great Shaman Keegan Farrell 384


Senior Queens

Mirage of the Oasis Peola Marchan 427

A Phenomenon of Light Tamika George 408

African Drum Dancer Laura Rampersad 402

Burrokeet Woman Kay Mason 402

High Noon on the Comanchero 

Sacred Grounds Raevon Atherton     398

Bonds of Unity Tracell Frederick 398

Rise of the Mystic Phoenix Alendra Bailey 395

We Beat Pan Music Gloria Dallsingh 392

Indeera Mother of India Denesha Jennings 380

The Unusual Beauty Cherry-Ann Patrice Valere 366


Senior Kings

Desert King Wade Madray 431

Lord of Chaos Curtis Eustace 426

The Serpent Charmer Ravi Lackhan 424

De Tornado Ronald Blaize 421

After Earth Glen Dave Lakhan 408

Monkey Know Which Tree To Climb Ted Eustace 407

What Lies Beneath Faried Carvalho 400

Scorpion King Earl Beckles 394

Madiba Heart of a Worrior Zinool Mohammed 388

Poseido Comin Clyde Bascombe 380