Friday, February 23, 2018

SuperBlue still working on ‘Carnival Yo-Yo’ Part II

He only just released his long-awaited power soca release “Carnival Yo Yo” but yesterday reigning Road March title-holder Austin Lyons, better known as SuperBlue, was back in studio to record part two of the song.

In an interview with the Express yesterday, on a break from putting down the new track, SuperBlue  said “Carnival Yo Yo” will have a different feel to it. Describing it as “a remix of sorts”, he said whichever of the two versions sounds better—he will sing it at the Soca Monarch Finals on Fantastic Friday, February 28.

SuperBlue won last year’s Power Soca Monarch in a tie with Machel Montano.

“Everybody have their tricks of the trade. A lot of people wanted to know when I was coming with the song but I chose to keep it close to my chest until last weekend.

“So far the response has been good.”

“Carnival Yo Yo”, produced by Julian “Julio” Nelson—who also worked on last year’s “Fantastic Friday”—is a dance, much like the “Jab Molassie” according to the singer.

“I wrote the song this year based on the vibes of last year’s Carnival.”

It’s hard to believe that up until yesterday SuperBlue was still unaware of his Soca Monarch competitors.

“I go and do my thing and then I know who is competing.

“I mentally block out who else is competing and treat competitions like a that I am not influenced by anyone’s performance.”

Asked if he has what it takes to retain his Soca Monarch title, the veteran artiste said he will do his best.

“Soca Monarch is not about how popular a song is, but the kind of performance the artiste puts out. In the end, my music and performance will have the final say.”