Thursday, January 18, 2018

Veterans Sandra, Chalkie in kaiso semis


FIST IN THE AIR: Singing Sandra has made it from the Kaiso House calypso tent.

Mark Fraser

Calypso icons and veterans are among the 40 names announced yesterday by the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) for the semifinals of the National Calypso Monarch Competition 2014.  

Better known as Calypso Fiesta, it takes place on February 22 at Skinner Park, San Fernando. 

Singing Sandra (Sandra Des Vignes-Millington), Brother Valentino (Anthony Emrold Phillip), Morel Peters (Luta), Hollis Liverpool, Skatie (Carlos James), Singing Francine (Francine Edwards), All Rounder (Anthony Hendrickson), Cro Cro (Weston Rawlins) and Kurt Allen are among the veterans who will compete along with the newcomers, including Rosemary Mitchel (Young Rose), Kerise Pascal (Ke Ke), Bevon St Clair,  and Lornette Ried (Fya Empress) among the young crop of contenders.  

The finalists in the Political and Social Commentary Calypso Competitions are — Brian London, Neville Brown (Bunny B) and Selvon Noel (Mista Shak) (Political). Heather McIntosh, Kurt Allen and Leslie Ann Ellis are the Social Commentary finalists. 


Alana Sinnette — “Sealots”

Alex Gift (Tobago Chalkie) — “D’ Same Pedigree”

Allan Fortune (Brother Mudada) — “The Parliament Tent”

Allan Welch  — “Soil Technician”

Amrica Mutroo — “Doh Judge Meh”

Anthony Emrold Phillip (Brother Valentino) — “Constitutional Reform”

Anthony Hendrickson (All Rounder) — “We Only Passing Through”

Bevon St Clair — “Another Flambeau”

Brian London — “Call Dem Out” 

Carlos James (Skatie) — “Jack and Jill”

Devon Seales — “F.D.A.T”

Erphan ALves — “Piano Unplugged”

Francine Edwards (Singing Francine) — “Honour Them”

Georgia McIntyre  (The Messenger) — “Make The Right Choice”

Giselle Fraser-Washington (GG) — “Save De Land”

Heather McIntosh — “Nutten Eh Good”

Heaven Charles (Snakey) — “The Dhoti Song”

Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust) — “The Guest List”

Karen Eccles-Thomas — “Values of Life”

Karene Asche — Malice in Wonderland”

Kerice Pascal (Ke Ke) — “Fix it and Hush”

Kurt Allen — “Sweet Sizzling Summer”

Leslie Ann Ellis — “Blest With Beauty”

Lornette Reid (Fya Empress) — “Just”

Marlon Edwards — “Leave It Dey”

Morel Peters (King Luta) — “No Guns No Weapons”

Myron Bruce (Myron B) — “One More Sip”

Meville Brown (Bunny B) — “Milk”

Nicole Thomas — “The Love we Owe”

Roderick Gordon (Chucky) — “Wah Yuh Think” 

Roger Mohammed (Body Guard) — “False Papers”

Rondell Donawa — “Yes We Can”

Rosemary Mithcell (Young Rose) — “Message to the Badman”

Singing Sandra (Sandra Des Vignes-Millington) — “Madiba”

Sean Daniel (Psalmist) — “Gospel”

Selvon Noel (Mista Shak) — “Bois”

Stephen Marcelle — “Almost Doesn’t Count”

Tammico More (SPicey) — “Man in Dat”

Victoria Cooper (Queen Victoria) — “Political Love Affair”

Weston Rawlins (Cro Cro) — “Pious, Poor but Proud” 


Lynette Steele (Lady Gypsy) — “Dangerous World”

Micheal Leggerton (Protector) — “Dey Dam Vex”