Friday, November 28, 2014


Seeking clarity from Appeal Court

The Appeal Court will next March satisfy the curiosity and concerns of citizens exercised over a recent Industrial Court judgment that favoured employees, but which was promptly appealed by the employer. Read More »

Simple solutions

It is very, very strange that Trinidad and Tobago is not a perfect society. After all, we have so many people here with solutions for every single problem bedevilling us. Read More »

Impartial review needed for baby’s case

Whenever there is an unusual medical event in one of our public hospitals, as occurre­d recently, where a preemie boy had his arm ampu­tated, there should be an external review—something similar to what occurred when baby Simeon had his skull sliced open during birth. Doctors who are out of the normal clinical and social loop are asked to come in—doctors who will not be afraid to call it as they see it. Read More »

Inadequate international Ebola response should never repeat itself

THE good news is that a prophylactic vaccine against chikun­gunya, developed by the Austrian biotech company Themis Bioscience GmbH, is reported to induce a significant neutralising immune response to the disease and is confirmed as safe. Read More »

Hanging up the boots

Until he actually signs a nomination form, talk of Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning seeking re-election will have to be considered wild speculation. For although he has the undeniable right to do so, it is hard to see the political sense of such a quest. Read More »

Tracking chikV

Remarkably, when Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan told the House of Parliament on November 19 that there were 164 confirmed and 2,000 suspected cases of the chikungunya virus in T&T, he offered no information on the accuracy of those figures—except that the 164 cases were confirmed by testing. Read More »

On omitting ‘that’

In my last column, the following sentence occurs: “A fourth is that at least one member of the Salaries Review Commission commented—inscrutably, to say the least—their recommendation on presidential housing was their recommendation.’’ It is a grammatically complex sentence in that it has a main clause plus two that-clauses. Read More »

Cosby and the notion of positive negation

The recent brouhaha surrounding the alleged sexual indiscretions of Bill Cosby gives rise to questions of positive negation. I have long been mystified by the human tendency to negate, in public, practices that we embrace in private. Why would someone vociferously condemn in public practices in which he engages in private? Preachers seem to be most guilty of this kind of behaviour, which I have classified oxymoronically as: positive negation. Read More »

Born to too many battles

Even before being born, the odds were stacked against the baby boy whose arm had to be amputated and who is still struggling for life at the San Fernando General Hospital. Read More »

This elusive Caricom consensus

WHEN Caribbean Community Heads of Government meet with President Raoul Castro in Havana for the Fifth Caricom/Cuba Summit on December 8 one outstanding non-agenda issue they have to resolve on the margins of their conference is reaching a consensus on the Community’s choice for new secretary general of the Commonwealth. Time is running out for this consensus. Read More »

No ‘home’ for Mr Carmona?

I think I’m more distressed by the apparent ignorance of senior Government officials over that $28,000 monthly housing allowance being paid to President Carmona than the actual payment itself. Read More »

WASA’s accomplishments

Having read the Express editorial of November 20, it has become necessary to respond in order to correct certain misunderstandings contained therein. Without dwelling on the promise of “water for all’’, it should be noted that as we entered this new century, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) was able to achieve significant improvements in the delivery of a water supply across through the completion of the North, South and Tobago Water Projects. These projects provided the wider population with greater access to a pipe borne water supply, albeit not on a continuous basis. Read More »

Don’t make wrong turn with this road

In a 150-word update that provided no significant information at all, the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure yesterday said it was partnering with the Engineering Faculty at The University of the West Indies to plan the rehabilitation of the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road. Read More »

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