Friday, April 25, 2014


Excellent example from San Fernando

It may be that San Fernando has been luckier in its mayors or that Port of Spain is a harder place to manage, but the country’s second city is certainly setting an example in efficient and responsible local government. Read More »

An archetypal intellectual

Since his death a few weeks ago, tributes have been pouring in for UWI academic Norman Girvan, mostly from other UWI academics. All have said what a humble and compassionate man he was, sometimes even giving anecdotes which demonstrate this; and all have said what a great intellectual he was, almost never providing data to demonstrate this: obviously because Prof Girvan’s intellectual stature, like herbalists’ medical qualifications, needs no proof. Read More »

Love and licks don’t mix

At the Queen’s Park Savannah one evening last year, I heard a child’s screams coming from the inside of a panel van. I asked the vendor whose van it was, what was happening. “It’s my daughter,” he said. “The grandmother beating she.” Read More »

The elephant in the room

Poor old Tony Blair is condemned to spend the rest of his life trying to justify his decision to help George Bush invade Iraq. He was at it again recently, insisting the threat of Islamist extremism is the great problem of the 21st century. Western countries, he said, must put aside their differences with Russia and China in order to “cooperate” in the fight against radical Islam. Read More »

Enough about that PCA leak

The Attorney General and the Director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) need to end their public row over the leaking of the PCA report into the Mervyn Cordner-led “Flying Squad” and allow the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to pronounce on whether his work has in any way been compromised by unauthorised release of the report. Read More »

A maverick journalist

Recently I wrote about MM Philip, Henry Alcazar, and Edgar Maresse-Smith, three “coloured” lawyers active in Trinidad’s public life between about 1860 and 1920. My subject today is Philip Rostant, who also played a significant part in the political movements of the 1880s and 1890s. Read More »

PNM elections: to hell in a hand basket?

In a series of articles earlier this month, I signalled that there were glaring organisational weaknesses in the PNM which were not being addressed. I questioned the need for internal elections at this time and I demonstrated the leadership’s failure to reorient the party to prepare for the challenges ahead. Rather than address the message everyone wanted to kill the messenger, complaining that I was only causing “trouble”. It pains me to make these observations, especially since I was among those who helped to make Dr Keith Rowley the political leader, but they must be made if we want to preserve the democratic principles and the party. Read More »

Striving for integrity

There have been equally significant developments in our public education and communication portfolio which has launched the Do Right Champions Annual Contest for primary and secondary schools. The Commission has established ongoing links with teachers through its symposiums on the role of the teacher in instilling integrity, hosted discussions with university students and opened up significant avenues of communication with our younger population. Read More »

Procurement test for the Govt

The Kamla Persad-Bissessar administration’s handling of procurement legislation will be the litmus test of how committed the ruling coalition is to eradicating corruption and cronyism. Read More »

The DR’s racist politics

FOR all the outcry, the Dominican Republic (DR), which is seeking to join the Caribbean Community, seems bent on perpetuating anti-black racism, particularly in relation to its citizens of Haitian descent. At least 240,000 of these people have been rendered stateless by a ruling of its constitutional court last September. Read More »

Too much power

AS every day brings the general election closer, we must be prepared for the inevitability of sameness no matter who wins. After all the frenzied and emotional support for one party or the other, after all the hype and hoopla of campaigning, as always, one person will walk away with all the power. We will then sit and wait for deliverance from yet another incarnation of the colonial governor. And when he/she fails, our ageing bewilderment will return. Read More »

Striving for integrity

FOLLOWING is the first part of the text of Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon’s address at the Corporate Governance Seminar at the Ministry of Finance and the Economy on April 14. Read More »

Heading off pending labour unrest crisis

The curtain is evidently being raised on a season of heightened labour militancy. Media reports tell of industrial relations unrest in the government service, and in related State-owned operations and enterprises. Read More »

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