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Maintain road to Chaguaramas

Promotion by the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) of ambitious hopes for the prized peninsula continues at the typically high-decibel level. While splashy media advertisements champion the CDA’s cause of designating Chaguaramas a national park, land-use initiatives such as the Boardwalk, the Convention Centre lease and Guave Road development proceed apace. Read More »

EPA and the private sector

A little over five years ago the countries of Cariforum signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe. This asymmetrical free trade arrangement was meant to improve exports of Cariforum goods and services to Europe and to encourage regional integration. Read More »

That Obama-Castro summit

A remarkable turn in US-Cuba relations was witnessed at the Seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama last week. In some ways, the event evolved into an Obama-Castro summit as last Saturday’s one hour meeting between US President, Barack Obama, and Cuban President, Raúl Castro, grabbed international media headlines. Read More »

My cousin Roy

A road ran through it and two “train-lines”, one that carried cane to the factory and another that carried the mail and passengers to Port of Spain and San Fernando, still the two largest cities in Trinidad. This was the village of Carapichaima in Central Trinidad, west of Freeport and east of Orange Valley, a place of cane and coconuts, with an oil factory, a sugar factory and the aspiration to have a rumshop for every villager. Read More »

Hard questions for THA’s managers

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence,” goes a not-so-old saying. So, even as the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) continues to doggedly push for autonomy but not independence, a question has been raised about whether the THA is fiscally competent to run Tobago. Read More »

Message in the massage

When I want a massage, I ask my wife to give me one and vice-versa. But it seems that somebody in the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission thinks that House Speaker Wade Mark is not performing this duty for his wife, T&TEC chairman Sushilla Ramkissoon-Mark, perhaps believing that he’s too busy with more official duties, such as misleading the Parliament about court notices and allowing slanderous allegations against the Leader of the Opposition. Read More »

Political correctness, linguistic inexactitude

Martin Daly, in his column “Raining Cats and Dogs” in the Sunday Express of March 29, referred to the trite and crass tenor of our political debate. Read More »

Richie Benaud, great cricketer and a gentleman

NEWS that Mr Richie Benaud, legendary Australian cricketer and captain and among the great cricket broadcasters, has succumbed at 84 to skin cancer is a body blow to the game’s global fraternity. Read More »

Courage needed to embrace CCJ

Conspicuous among the items on the AG’s multi-million spending list for legal help have been the bills connected with appearances before the Privy Council in London. However, an even larger national concern than the amounts being paid out in sterling is the continued existence of Britain’s Privy Council as Trinidad and Tobago’s final court of appeal. Read More »

The end of the BRICs

“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable,” said John Kenneth Galbraith, the wisest American economist of his generation. (“A paltry honour”, he would have murmured.) But you still can’t resist wondering when the Chinese economy will be bigger than the US economy — or the Brazilian bigger than the British, or the Turkish bigger than the Italian — as if it were some kind of horse race Read More »

Who ‘would’ win? Or is it ‘will’?

Well, it depends on the context, doesn’t it? Clearly, you can say both: 1) If the general election were to take place in the morning, the PNM would win. 2) Whenever the general election takes place, Kamla will be the more popular leader. It can’t be, not in Standard English, either 3 or 4: 3) *If the general election were to take place in the morning, the PNM will win, Read More »

Education vacillation

In recent weeks, the issue of the discontinuation of state-funded tertiary education has become the “issue that will not go away” in Barbados. First, it was the shocking admission by the Prime Minister during the estimates debate that whilst he is personally against the removal of free education, he is unable to counter the neo-liberal perspective. Read More »

Shocking T&TEC abuse of power

In the scheme of multi-million-dollar schemes, $26,558 for a chair is small change. Certainly, this expenditure is hardly as shocking as the $408 million in lawyers’ fees spent by former attorney general Anand Ramlogan; or the $34 million contract for no work given out by former sport minister Anil Roberts under the LifeSport programme; or the $700 million paid by the National Gas Company for half-completed work by Super Industrial Services on the Beetham water treatment plant. Read More »

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