Thursday, December 18, 2014


Historic day

The tide of history turned dramatically yesterday when the Presidents of Cuba and the United States of America delivered almost simultaneous statements announcing their intention to begin the process of normalising diplomatic and economic relations between their countries. Read More »

A record of service

Anniversaries are useful because they make us think about the past and reflect on how nations, institutions, families, or just individuals, develop and grow over time. They are especially valuable when they are marked by publications: often, businesses, banks, religious bodies, schools and universities, and other kinds of institutions, commission books to commemorate especially important milestones. These books are like building blocks contributing to the national history. Read More »

A strangled constituency

San Fernando East doesn’t know it yet, despite the clearest of signs, but Patrick Augustus Manning, former prime minister and PNM political leader, wants them to terminate him—to take him out of his misery. Read More »

Climate change: the impossible deal

For “shall”, substitute “may”. For example, change “countries signing this climate change treaty shall state how much they are going to cut their greenhouse emissions” to “countries signing this climate change treaty may state how much they are going to cut their emissions if they feel like it, but if they don’t, hey, no problem.” Read More »

Keeping the show on the road

The continual arrests of drunk drivers—over 600 for 2014 so far—shows that the breathalyser law is being well enforced by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). This is all to the good, and the statistics give cautious cause for optimism that accidents caused by drunk drivers are declining. Read More »

Caricom’s loss, Africa’s gain

THE Caribbean Community’s failure to reach a consensus on a candidate for the post of new Secretary General of the 54-member Commonwealth could prove a blessing for Africa, in particular the southern African state of Botswana. Read More »

When oil takes a beating

CARIBBEAN countries whose value is fixed to the US dollar should benefit, at least in the short term, from the fall in oil prices and the strengthening of the dollar. Read More »

A Humming Bird without honour

Thank you so much Christopher McMaster, for your letter in the Express of December 6, titled “To kill a Hummingbird.” Not only is the Humming Bird—the vessel the La Bordes used to sail around the world —languishing, but the Military History and Aerospace Museum in Chaguaramas, is also to all appearances and reports being treated with disdain and arrogance. Read More »

Give principals power, tools to manage teachers

The proposal to delegate to school principals power to discipline teachers commends itself as at least worthy of wide and thorough discussion about the means of its implementation. Investing principals with well-defined authority to keep teachers in line obviously accords with the overdue idea of decentralising management. Read More »

Compromising press freedom: Be warned

I can think of no proposal, project, programme, policy or proposition pursued by the current administration that has not been embroiled in conflict, controversy, confusion, commess or corruption. Read More »

To Mars and beyond!

Civilisation is stagnating. We have lost our way as a species, heading for extinction as we ravage the planet whilst stale ideas and uninspiring leadership pervade political, economic and cultural life around the world. Nothing evolutionary anywhere, creating a vacuum for darkest fundamentalist ideologies and the escalation of a savage materialism. The staleness renders the planet claustrophobic. Read More »

Take de money and run

It was one of those riveting moments when a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Here they were, four young black boys, sitting forlorn, with their luggage around them looking as if their lives had come to an end. All their yearnings seemed to have been dashed, caught up as they were, in an unutterable moment of disappointment: their being unable to compete in a football tournament in Barbados. Read More »

Ominous developments

A disturbing new ugliness has emerged that needs to be halted before it gets any worse and out of control. We refer here to the recent fire-bombing and vandalism of equipment belonging to construction industry operators and the death threats to public officials. Read More »

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