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Speaker in the spotlight

Yesterday’s developments arising out of Friday’s aborted parliamentary debate are nothing short of flabbergasting. Based on the statement issued by the office of the Chief Justice, the public now knows that, contrary to the statement to Parliament by Speaker Wade Mark, “no Notice, letter or any other communication on the matter (of Larry Howai v Azad Ali Sunshine Publishing Company Ltd) was forwarded by the Court or any of its officers to the Speaker or any officers of the Parliament”. Read More »

Does integration have practical value?

THERE is no doubt about the passion of Owen Arthur for the economic integration of the region. As prime minister of Barbados and the member Caricom agency responsible for the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) for 13 years, Mr Arthur worked tirelessly. Read More »

Europe’s inner turmoil

Last year, a “political earthquake’’ in the European Parliament elections ended with extremist parties triumphant in Germany, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom. On Sunday, Syriza, a far-left party won elections in Greece, becoming the first anti-austerity party to take power in a eurozone country. And it might not be the last. Podemos, another new, anti-establishment and left-wing party is ahead in the polls to win Spanish elections this year. Is this the start of the fragmentation of Europe and the rise of national assertiveness that some analysts fear? Given Europe’s history, this is troubling. Read More »

For Raoul Pantin

Raoul was a faithful contributor to the intellectual and artistic life and limes of Port of Spain, through his journalism and his creative work and the passionate conversations that took place between us at Cricket Wicket, the Pelican and our various homes as artists of the generation to which we belong addressed the politics and art that would take us into the new world. Read More »

Speaker and CJ must explain

At a time when institutions are struggling to keep public trust, Parliament and the Judiciary continue to get caught in wrangles that fuel damaging public speculation and criticism. Read More »

Not a pretty sight

At the time of writing, the circumstances surrounding the death of TV6’s gutsy presenter Marcia Henville are unclear. Nonetheless, the tragedy created a chill—that same eerie feeling that gripped the nation on that Sunday morning in May 2014, when former senator Dana Seetahal was murdered. Read More »

A wasteland of intellectual barrenness

Apart from an Express Editorial, it does not seem the scathing attack launched by Opposition Member of Parliament Colm Imbert against The University of the West Indies has attracted much attention. It may be most people agreed with the editorialist who opined, “Such politi­cal grandstanding will doubtless earn the readily dismissive response it deserves from UWI scholars and other, more balanced, observers.” If this is so, then it is unfortunate. The fact is notwithstanding the “political grandstanding”, the charge of “intellectual bankruptcy” which Mr Imbert has levelled against the university cannot be easily ignored or dismissed. And Mr Imbert is not alone. Read More »

Stakeholder groups stand with PM

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar walked the talk last week on the promise of consultation, and met with leaders of the business community, stakeholders in the energy sector and 17 trade unions, including the Public Services Association (PSA), which represents the majority of workers in the public service. Read More »

T&T leaders still loath to commit to CCJ

It has now taken a former prime minister of Barbados, on a speaking tour at the St Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies, to cry shame against what amounts to a signal dereliction of duty held to the account of Trinidad and Tobago officialdom. Read More »

The wrecker say vroom

When Kitchener sang about the wrecker in 1968 he took the position that he was “not against the wrecker if things are done clever”. There is certainly nothing clever about the current operations of the wrecker. The operations are arbitrary and oppressive. They make little difference to the real congestion on the roads because, as asserted later, the wrecker focuses on soft targets. Read More »

Elections and the Price of Oil

In recent weeks, the Partnership Government has been meeting assiduously with representatives and spokesmen of business and professional communities. Read More »

Carnival: Unshakable mandate of state

Inside show places of modern Trinidad and Tobago and, increasingly, in every place where people are accommodated as actors or audiences, you can expect the climate to be controlled to a new frigidity standard. Frigidity is not yet acknowledged as defining the indoor T&T ambient condition. Read More »

grief upon outrage

The peace of yet another sunshiny morning is shattered by more news of death. This time it is Marcia Henville, that fearless force of a woman who, on Gayelle over a decade ago, imposed herself on the consciousness of a nation. Read More »

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