Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Ministry upset with energy sector execs

The Ministry of Energy said yesterday it was disappointed that energy sector executives in the Point Lisas Energy Association (PLEA) would take their concerns about natural gas supplies into the political arena. Read More »

Unacceptable error

The “inadvertent error” by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) might just as well be described as a “deliberate accident”. Read More »

Cuba’s ‘friendship’ reality

THEY SAY that a friend in times of need is truly a friend indeed.Well, Cuba has been routinely demonstrating practical examples of friendship to countries in need across continents, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean/Latin American region, ever since its Fidel Castro-led revolution of 55 years ago. Read More »

Woe is we

It must be sad, no, tragic really, to be so laced into a political or ideological or even racial strait jacket that unless everyone else around you is similarly attired you are permanently disgruntled, always feeling dissatisfied, unable to enjoy any occasion or event because you are simply incapable of being happy. Read More »

The new ‘Islamic States’

A coalition of imams and organisations representing British Muslims has written Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to stop using the phrase “Islamic State” when talking about the new country carved out of Iraq and Syria by Islamist terrorists. That’s what Abu Baqr al Baghdadi, who has proclaimed himself “the caliph of all Muslims and the prince of the believers,” calls his newly conquered territory, but it’s giving ordinary Muslims a bad name. Read More »

Who’s minding the public service store?

Once again, in post-budget remarks, Finance Minister Larry Howai registered exasperation, however indirectly, with the operation of the machinery of government, personified in the staff of the public service. In his budget speech, however, the Minister had credited the “professional advice and unstinting support” of Finance Ministry officers who “worked assiduously, tirelessly and beyond the call of duty” to prepare related documents. Read More »

No accounting to the taxpayer

Last Monday Minister of Finance Larry Howai read but left plenty unsaid. He never mentioned LifeSport even as he spoke about sport development. Read More »

Errors and omissions

Minister of Finance Larry Howai’s economic advisers should have told him that the economy is set up for trouble when real interest rates are negative (and they are) and when the profit (net operating surplus) share of net income declines (and it probably has or soon will). Read More »

Why’s for the holy and the wily

Reggie Dumas, verily like the biblical wise men, helpfully trumpeted the coming of the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour. Though beyond the majestic manger for its birth, my peep, with the help of the stars, suggests a striking resemblance to two institutions on my mind of late. Read More »

Paying the price for illegal shortcuts

The dispute between the Arbor and Rosewood schools and the Diego Martin Regional Corporation is, in certain respects, a counter-narrative to what typically obtains in such situations. The institution, which is attempting to relocate to 129 Long Circular Road, does not have the required legal approvals from the Town and Country Division nor even the Ministry of Education. Read More »

For the many or the few?

After the Finance Minister’s 2015 budget last Monday, I found myself asking: What was that all about? Half-way through the presentation, I was bored, but I forced myself to endure it to the end. Finally concluded, his budget got an “A” in the “Dull and Unimaginative” category Read More »

Weaving webs of spin

I feel sorry for Finance Minister Larry Howai. Although I do not know him I have tremendous respect for him, based upon his public career, as a man of integrity who loves his country. That is why I am sure that when he was first approached about the possibility of the finance portfolio he was happy to say “Yes’’ not because he was attracted to the status and the prospect of illicit gain but because he viewed it as a chance to continue his service to the country at a much higher level. Read More »

Baby grant offers a helping hand

One of the more contentious issues coming out of the 2015 Budget is the Government’s decision to offer a $500 one-year grant to underprivileged women for their. The Government’s thinking is that the first year of a baby’s life is most critical and good nutrition for infants is vital for the long-term well-being of children. Read More »

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