Thursday, January 29, 2015


Making a mockery of costly enquiries

The non-appearance of key persons in the Las Alturas Commission of Enquiry has, again, revealed just how ineffectual these CoEs are. This three-person commission has been set up to discover how an apartment complex, built by the Housing Development Corporation in Morvant, could have become uninhabitable within mere months of being completed. Read More »

Our families, our histories

Researching family history (genealogy) has become very popular all over the world. It’s natural that we want to learn about our ancestors and find out where, and from whom, we came. Read More »

Can the Partnership Govt stop the rot?

Imagine the People’s Partnership Government wants to be favourably regarded by the voting public in this election year. Read More »

Rum, chutney and censorship

“We drank wine in remembrance of the Beloved/ We were drunk with it before the wine was created.” Read More »

Tobago self-rule reform needs its own road show

Once again, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is being urged to assign higher-priority attention to the quest for self-government, or “autonomy”, the newly preferred label for the goal being pursued by the THA and the Tobago Forum of Political Parties. With earth-shaking political, constitutional and economic matters pressing heavily on the agenda of this election year, the special interest in crafting new working arrangements for the two-island state will struggle to gain and maintain a hearing in Port of Spain. Read More »

US ‘Thanks’ to Caricom

IT IS quite a rarity for a major nation of the world to express thanks to a group of small states for influencing its foreign policy in a positive direction. The significance becomes all the more greater when such a development involves superpower USA and the bloc of small independent states happens to be our own Caribbean Community (Caricom). Read More »

Dramatic turnaround in my health

When last we met, at this very location, I relayed to you that I would be prepared to consider a review of my position in respect of electoral politics in the following circumstances: Read More »

Ebola, no problem. Oil price, no problem

It has become clear now that the Government has fashioned a new strategy of nonchalance to deal with any challenges in the run-up to elections. It is characterised by the notion of “we’ve got this, don’t bother’’. It is a strategy borrowed from the matadors in a Spanish bullring. When the bull pounces, the matador stands there till the brink and then just steps aside stylishly at the last minute, as the bull lowers its head charges and strikes nothing but air. The matador just doing a pirouette, avoiding the danger with style. At least that time. Read More »

Speaker in the spotlight

Yesterday’s developments arising out of Friday’s aborted parliamentary debate are nothing short of flabbergasting. Based on the statement issued by the office of the Chief Justice, the public now knows that, contrary to the statement to Parliament by Speaker Wade Mark, “no Notice, letter or any other communication on the matter (of Larry Howai v Azad Ali Sunshine Publishing Company Ltd) was forwarded by the Court or any of its officers to the Speaker or any officers of the Parliament”. Read More »

Does integration have practical value?

THERE is no doubt about the passion of Owen Arthur for the economic integration of the region. As prime minister of Barbados and the member Caricom agency responsible for the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) for 13 years, Mr Arthur worked tirelessly. Read More »

Europe’s inner turmoil

Last year, a “political earthquake’’ in the European Parliament elections ended with extremist parties triumphant in Germany, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom. On Sunday, Syriza, a far-left party won elections in Greece, becoming the first anti-austerity party to take power in a eurozone country. And it might not be the last. Podemos, another new, anti-establishment and left-wing party is ahead in the polls to win Spanish elections this year. Is this the start of the fragmentation of Europe and the rise of national assertiveness that some analysts fear? Given Europe’s history, this is troubling. Read More »

For Raoul Pantin

Raoul was a faithful contributor to the intellectual and artistic life and limes of Port of Spain, through his journalism and his creative work and the passionate conversations that took place between us at Cricket Wicket, the Pelican and our various homes as artists of the generation to which we belong addressed the politics and art that would take us into the new world. Read More »

Speaker and CJ must explain

At a time when institutions are struggling to keep public trust, Parliament and the Judiciary continue to get caught in wrangles that fuel damaging public speculation and criticism. Read More »

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