Sunday, November 23, 2014


New Integrity head vs public right to know

Feelings of relief are inevitably in order over the final appointment of a new Integrity Commission chairman. This appointment has in the past been subject to regrettable mishandlings. Hopes were accordingly high that, with lessons learned, the public could look forward to a season of stable, steady, and competent Commission leadership. Read More »

Looking across the generations

Yesterday was the 47th anniversary of my call to the Bar at Gray’s Inn, London. By a happy intersection of time, two Fridays ago, I presented a petition at the Hall of Justice for admission to the Bar of the granddaughter of a colleague already in practice when I returned to Trinidad. Read More »

Corruption—the T&T ‘single story’

Like a movement that, in T&T terms, “reach where it going”, corruption got its definitive artist’s impression last week. And now, as the dominant theme-word in national discourse, it has probably gained right to capitalisation. Read More »

The pronouncements of politicians

“The office of the CPO is an independent one and the Government ‘has no sway or say’ over the holder. ‘So if the CPO gives a ruling in a matter, the Government quite frankly would be out of place’ [to question it].” (Attorney-General Anand Ramlogan, Express, November 11.) Read More »

Have Money, Will Waste

Nothing like a 25 per cent drop in the price of oil to focus our attention on the real state of the T&T economy. Read More »

Manzanilla collapse: decades of neglect

The devastation of sections of the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road may have been triggered by an act of God, as many are wont to say when heavy rainfall wreaks havoc and they wish to cover up their complicity in the destruction—dumping debris into watercourses, interfering with drainage systems, or denuding hillsides and undertaking construction in the worst possible places. Read More »

Don’t allow more embarrassment

IN A WAY, with the manner in which they lost, you would have to feel sorry for the Trinidad and Tobago men’s national football team. Losing on penalties is a crap shoot, although you must admit that the latest version of the Soca Warriors did not set Montego Bay on fire and was barely good for its runner-up spot in the 2014 Caribbean Cup. Read More »

Immigration steps beyond the norm

US President Barack Obama’s unilateral actions on immigration stand out from those of his predecessors because of the sheer scope of what he’s doing and the political tenor of the times. Read More »

Election date 2015

Last Sunday, at the PNM’s (People’s National Movement)annual convention, political leader Read More »

Going by the books

Australia is not called “down under” for nothing. Australian porn star Angela White, who has a first-class honours degree in gender studies from the University of Mel­bourne, shot a scene for a pornogra­phic movie in May this year with Read More »

Steps in the right direction

FOR nearly two years after Haydee Paul and her two small daughters were killed when a car crashed into them at the side of the road by Sea Lots, the Government will be building a walkover “with urgency”. Read More »

Trini truth

It is generally considered a virtue to be truthful, as long as you are not trying to get into politics or a sexy woman. But what, really, is truth? Post-modernist intellectuals—if you’ll pardon my oxymoron—argue that there is no such thing as objective truth, which means that everything they say is irrefutable crap. Religious scholars—if you’ll pardon my other oxymoron—argue that objective truth exists and only their brand of religion has it. And then there’s the Trini version of truth, which is employed by all Trinidadians who want to be successful, popular and acne-free. Read More »

If I were President

I would say mea culpa, begging your pardon please, I would like to donate all the housing allowance money I unethically sought and received to the people of the East Coast, from Sangre Grande to Mayaro, who have been thigh-high in water for more than a week; have no dry place to sleep; no road on which to be transported; limited food, water and medicine for young and old; who have snakes and alligators in what used to be their backyards and bedrooms and who have to paddle through woe to arrive at an uncertain immediate future. Read More »

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