Sunday, October 26, 2014


Crack down on rogues, slackers in police ranks

The image of the T&T police stands yet again in danger of being dragged deeper in the mud of disrepute with the latest report of an all-too-simple escape from a police station cell by an alleged drug mule. Other current reports of officers hauled before the courts for offenses euphemistically categorised as misbehaviour in public office leads equally to a despairing conclusion about the Service. Read More »

Aatma, mohabbat and dreadlocks

I recently lamented the use of the race and class laden phrase “those people” when the traditionally comfortable, well-connected, new rich or unthinking seek to ascribe blame for the ills of a fractured society like ours. Read More »

The Ultimate Charlatan

Is Wayne Kublalsingh a hero in the making or the ultimate charlatan? I may have offended some of his supporters by suggesting that he could well be, by putting the question the way I did. Read More »

Trini finds fresh allure in Jamaica revisit

KINGSTON: “Hot or cold?” It’s not a question I expected on ordering a beer at Lisa’s Pub. It looked and felt like places I have crawled to in downmarket Port of Spain. But on Old Hope Road, the petite bar woman, the crown of her head dyed scarlet like the walls, professionally offered the options for serving Red Stripe. Read More »

Activism for Truth

Skepticism is a necessary part of the journalistic process in which the open mind challenges the object of the senses to prove itself as the truth. Read More »

No, Tom, no

President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, to give the man his full handle as Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar never tires of doing, is convinced that my fellow columnists and I are “bulldogs in a ring”, uncouth, devoid of intellect, stuck in the “same ole, same ole” mode, and engaged in self-aggrandisement and worse. Read More »

No winners in OWTU protest

THE Trinidad and Tobago public likely cannot help thinking that Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union president general Ancel Roget, in the much-quoted Shakespearean expression, “doth protest too much”. Read More »

One weekend of high drama

WHAT really happened in this nation last weekend? If the preamble leading up to last Sunday was to be believed, it was going to be “hell and powderhouse”. With everybody all CHIKV-ed to the limit, the mood wasn’t all that tolerant. If things never fell apart before, it was certain to happen, according to “the voice of the people”. Our fate seemed to be in the hands of two men from beyond our borders who seemed to have the ability to overthrow the ordinary and put in place their own extraordinary. Read More »

Pandemic pandemonium

The implications of the 2014 Ebola outbreak are catastrophic to say the least. The breath of the crisis was brought to the fore last month when 130 countries co-sponsored Resolution 2177 in the United Nations Security Council, “urging immediate action” to “end the isolation of affected states”. Read More »

Astroturf and sockpuppets

Anyone who ever played on artificial grass, known as “AstroTurf”, knows that if you fall, skate or trip on the stuff you get badly burnt and bruised, and it takes long to heal. This is not the major reason that the practice of masking the real originators or sponsors of a message to make it look like it came from grassroots or ordinary people is known as “Astroturfing” but it does add the pain factor. Read More »

Wake-up call to the war on terror

Just as the barbarians were historically able to breach the gates of civilised cities, it is a paradox of modern liberal societies that they must grant to individuals the freedom to embrace bigoted and repressive beliefs which are antithetical to that very society. Read More »

The fast and the spurious

Last week, I began a hunger strike. But, unlike Wayne Kublalsingh and Ravi Balgobin Maharaj, I am doing so for a cause far more important than any highway and, consequently, my action has been far more drastic. So today I publicly announce that, for the past seven days, I have not eaten doubles, beef pies, or KFC. Read More »

Illness of the bended walker

Used to contracting some version of influenza, especially post-Carnival, the population here seems to take viruses in its stride; you get sick with fever, coughing, congestion and ride it out with pharmaceuticals and/or bush medicines then recover to tell the tale of how awful you felt. Read More »

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