Monday, October 20, 2014


Endowing business with purpose

On Friday night, Michael Mansoor and the late Raymond Dieffenthaller joined the elite ranks of business personalities to be honoured by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce for their contribution to the development of the national business landscape. As with almost everyone who has been inducted into the Chamber’s Hall of Fame, these two men stand out for the hard work, intelligence, courage and determination that carried them from the humble circumstances into which they were born, to the stellar heights of business leadership. Read More »

The price for progress

The Energy Minister as far back as last May may have provided, quite indirectly, another dimension to the current Point Fortin Highway standoff. According to an Anika Gumbs’ Sunday Express investigation, headlined “Stolen material used in highway works,” Minister Kevin Ramnarine estimated that illegal quarry operators in the Northern Range were “taking home up to $150,000 tax free per day”. Read More »

Recognising Palestine

It’s a slow process, this business of getting recognised as an independent state, but the Palestinians are making progress. In September of last year, Mahmoud Abbas, the long-overdue-for-an-election president of the Palestinian National Authority, was given permission to sit in the “beige chair”, the one that is reserved for heads of state waiting to go to the podium and address the UN General Assembly. Read More »

Development means accepting change and making sacrifices

Anyone who bought a vehicle in April would have gotten a registration number in the DC series. Six months later, DC and DD series are finished and we are into DE. That means more than 20,000 vehicles were sold and licensed in the country in that period which only exacerbates the daily traffic gridlock throughout the country. Read More »

Local fashion industry needs, deserves, more Govt support

T&T has been shown the way, now that Barbados and, noticeably, Colombia have targeted this country as markets for their tourism offerings. Barbados has perhaps been well established as a Caribbean-island getaway for those seeking escape from T&T’s stresses and strains, with the added appeal of Bajan hospitality. Still, as its promotional roadshows confirm, the island doesn’t let up on its efforts to remind potential T&T visitors of its cultural and other attractions Read More »

Posing and other agendas

Ministers of Government posing at the recent photo-opportunities provided by the Americas Competitiveness Forum probably heard but didn’t heed what the Chairman of the Massy Group, Robert Bermudez, said about the growth of the underclass, blinded as they are by their boasts of so called full employment. Read More »


We most certainly learned a great deal about ourselves as a people as a result of Dr Kublalsingh’s fast to the death. Many must also have asked themselves where they stood on some of these fundamental but perennial issues? Read More »

Imam caught in twin terrors of today travel

As T&T newspapers ran “NO ENTRY” banner headlines for a signal to the world, it was suddenly brought home to this country that its citizens should not assume any open-door welcome wherever they may wander. The “NO ENTRY” signs were actually addressed to people from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Republic of Congo, Liberia, and Nigeria. Read More »

Re-thinking Integration

Something has gone seriously wrong with immigration policies within Caricom when staff and students of The University of the West Indies, of all places, could be blocked at the point of entry. For, of all the categories of regional travellers, those within the UWI system have long enjoyed the privileges that come with being priority agents of integration. Read More »

Ebola: panic paralyses nation

Port of Spain, November 31, 2014: Reports that two persons stricken with the deadly Ebola virus were identified and isolated, one at the capital city’s general hospital, the other at the Mount Hope facility, have paralysed Trinidad and Tobago, literally shutting down the country. Read More »

Wrong move by Windies players

A RATHER messy situation took a turn for the absolute worst yesterday when the West Indies players decided to pull out of the current tour of India, citing their differences with the West Indies Cricket Board and their own Players Association over a new bargaining agreement and memorandum of understanding. Read More »

Doubting Ralph

I have thus far kept my silence on the issue of Dr Wayne Kublalsingh and the Highway Re-Route Movement (HRM) matter. I have done so not because I am any less passionate than many who see fit to espouse their views of this matter but perhaps I am in fact more passionate on the issue than many. Read More »

T&T, Jamaica and regional disintegration

Last Sunday, the Jamaican Gleaner blasted the headlines “Trinidad does not want us”. It was an angry response to the most recent impasse between Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica on this country’s refusal to allow entry of 13 Jamaican nationals within its borders. Read More »

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