Saturday, December 20, 2014


Tribute to the priceless Sparrow

In legacy terms, no price can be put on the value of the work of the Mighty Sparrow, living legend extraordinaire in the world of calypso. Read More »

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’

At the height of the Chaguanas West by-election last year, I wrote an article: “Sinking in the mud” and highlighted the low level of campaigning and the depths to which some candidates sank in order to win votes. I wrote, “the rhetoric from the various campaigns seems to be getting more desperate and unfortunately more crude and offensive”. Read More »

Obama and Cuba

Last Wednesday, US President Barack Obama opened what has been called a “new chapter” in US-Cuban relations. The announcement comes in the midst of massive protests in the streets of Caracas against sanctions imposed on Venezuela, Cuba’s closest regional ally, by the “arrogant imperialist Yankees”. Read More »

The special ones

Jose Mourinho is not the only “special one” at the Chelsea Football Club in England. One in five children surveyed at a mall in England believes that Jesus plays for Chelsea and is probably one of the new stars signed by Mourinho earlier this year. Read More »

Not good enough, Mr Rambarran

Central Bank Governor Jwala Rambarran needs to pause and reconsider not only his policies, but the image he is presenting to the public. Read More »

Spirit of the season

Asked three weeks ago by reporters about how he had survived 74 days without food and water, environmental activist Wayne Kublal­singh answered: “The spirit is real, nothing else is real.” Read More »

Merry, merry money

Ferguson and Eric Garner, US/Cuba relations, hacking of Sony, slaughter of school children and uncertain oil prices are developments that cannot be ignored. Except by Trinidadian leaders, of course. And if it happens to be pre-election season, well crapaud in any tie smoking Cuban cigars in the Hyatt. Read More »

53 years on, time right for us, Cuba

After 53 years of hostility between the United States and Cuba, the timing to make amends was perfect for both governments. Read More »

Historic day

The tide of history turned dramatically yesterday when the Presidents of Cuba and the United States of America delivered almost simultaneous statements announcing their intention to begin the process of normalising diplomatic and economic relations between their countries. Read More »

A record of service

Anniversaries are useful because they make us think about the past and reflect on how nations, institutions, families, or just individuals, develop and grow over time. They are especially valuable when they are marked by publications: often, businesses, banks, religious bodies, schools and universities, and other kinds of institutions, commission books to commemorate especially important milestones. These books are like building blocks contributing to the national history. Read More »

A strangled constituency

San Fernando East doesn’t know it yet, despite the clearest of signs, but Patrick Augustus Manning, former prime minister and PNM political leader, wants them to terminate him—to take him out of his misery. Read More »

Climate change: the impossible deal

For “shall”, substitute “may”. For example, change “countries signing this climate change treaty shall state how much they are going to cut their greenhouse emissions” to “countries signing this climate change treaty may state how much they are going to cut their emissions if they feel like it, but if they don’t, hey, no problem.” Read More »

Keeping the show on the road

The continual arrests of drunk drivers—over 600 for 2014 so far—shows that the breathalyser law is being well enforced by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). This is all to the good, and the statistics give cautious cause for optimism that accidents caused by drunk drivers are declining. Read More »

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