Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Tobago’s headache: self-govt or independence?

Tobago House of Assembly (THA) leader Orville London, drawing a parallel with last week’s referendum on Scotland’s independence, has declared that Tobago wants self-determination but not independence. This, however, can be interpreted as a desire by Tobagonians to have their cake and eat it too. Read More »

Some answers please, Madam PM

IT is very rare, if ever, for a small island state to be invited by the world’s current sole superpower, US, to co-sponsor a resolution of the United Nations Security Council to combat global terrorism. Read More »

The story of BIM

As BIM the movie rolled to its climatic end after screening at the Central Bank auditorium on Republic Day, an American gentleman sitting next to me in the audience said: “That was an amazing film!” Read More »

Integrity and public education

The following is an abridged version of an address delivered by Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon at the launch of the commission’s 2014 Do Right Champions in the Integrated Arts competition. Read More »

Govt eyes, ears must open to needs of courts

The formal law term opening, highlighted by the Chief Justice’s signature oration, inaugurated a season of curtain-raisings of kindred courts inside the judicial branch. The season identifies as the occasion on which judicial leaders, ordinarily voiceless on public affairs, engage the executive and the legislature on matters requisite for sustaining the rule of law. Read More »

True crime T&T style

However crime is portrayed on local anti-crime television shows, this is the latest. Thirty applicants for the Police Service are rejected after initially making the cut for the police academy. Gunmen place the Besson Street Police Station under siege using firepower equal to what the police use in their defence. And crime is declared to be at its lowest in 30 years even though murders are ahead of last year’s number. Whatever the spin, this is the real tale of the tape. Read More »

Hawks and Doves

Central banks are now in a difficult position. They must interpret what the various economic indicators are signalling amidst the “noise’’ emanating from a complex geo-political environment—Ukraine, Libya, the extremist threat in Syria and Iraq, the Ebola outbreak, and elections upcoming in the US (2014) and the UK (2015). Read More »

Alone in the Commonwealth with two-round run-off

What do election processes look like across the Commonwealth? To what extent is the two-round run-off system used? A generalisation one can make about the run-off approach is that its highest usage in countries across the globe tends to be in the election of presidents of countries. India elects its president by this system, but it’s prime minister and members of parliament are elected by the first past the post method. Recent elections in India have been deemed to be one of the grandest exercises of democracy in history. Read More »

A case for urgent probe

Thursday night’s brutal killing of three people in Laventille cries out for urgent investigation. The impunity of killers who would line people up against a wall and simply mow them down with high-powered weaponry cannot be allowed to stand. The imperative of a professionally conducted investigation becomes even more pronounced due to the residents’ openly expressed claim that members of the Defence Force were the ones pulling the trigger. Read More »

Off the top of her head

I have been wondering whether the Prime Minister and her advisers have heard the message that Dr Wayne Kublalsingh is bringing to this nation. After reading his statement last week, I wondered whether they understand that Dr Kublalsingh, a man clearly sensitive to the divine presence, is sincere in his intention to give up his life so that somehow we all will begin to restructure our consciousness. Read More »

Political parties and ethics: the harsh reality

Archbishop Joseph Harris and his team of civil society organisations must be highly commended for establishing a Code of Ethics to govern the behaviour of political parties during the upcoming general election campaign. It was, however, with mixed emotions, that I gazed upon the leadership of the parties committing their membership to compliance with the code. Read More »

Public servants and neutrality

The Chief State Solicitor Christophe Grant recently pole vaulted into the limelight when he denied that he had authored a legal letter signed by one of the Attorneys in his department in the constitutional case filed by Dr Wayne Kublalsingh. The Office of the Prime Minister corrected the “error” in a press release and apologised. Read More »

Promising show by new House budget review

The new Standing Finance Committee has evidenced the makings of a parliamentary reform success story. Over last week, as the House of Representatives resolved itself into committee to permit fine-tooth combing of the budget, history was quietly made. Read More »

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