Saturday, February 17, 2018

And the awardees are ...


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I hope by this time, in between the giddiness of the season, you have paused to acknowledge His presence.

Over the past weeks, the killings in Laventille did two things to me. First, a reminder to acknowledge His presence in my every step, and secondly, I again questioned: How did we, as a people, descend this far.

These tragedies are not localised, so nobody can merely shrug and say "Laventille again". In reality, they are testing moments for us all in Trinbago, a disorienting period during which we must unserstand that something is awfully wrong among us.

Something appears to be metastasising, marching us, I fear, to an anomic state.

But, in the spirit of the holiday I am giving awards:

Anand Ramlogan The "Caribbean Extradition Award" for his decision not to appeal Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh's judgment in the Ish and Steve matter. (Remember, former Jamaican prime minister Bruce Golding won the "Dudus Coke Award" last year, and the US government sent its "congratulations" by cancelling the visas of Jamaican government officials.)

I am "advised" that Ish and Steve sent Trinbago greetings from the European tax haven in Liechtenstein. James Lewis QC also sent a gift card, "Sorry I got it wrong". There is talk also of a lifetime gift scholarship to study "AG 101 The Beginners' course".

Anil Roberts Buxo Potts and his family "asked" that Anil receive the "Most Rewarding Sport Minister Ever" award.

Chandresh Sharma A pin for his ego, and the manual, "How to be friends with Louis Lee Sing, and still appear important".

Devant Maharaj The "My Pet" gift award from George Nicholas of Caribbean Airlines; the "My Family Property" award from PTSC, the Port Authority and the Airports Authority.

Ewart Williams, Central Bank Governor A book contract for "How to manage two Central Bank boards" as he manages one board, while the other board takes night school lessons in monetary policy.

Finance Minister Winston Dookeran The "Irrelevance Award" and a big economic compass.

The Integrity Commission The "Think First" award.

Rupert Griffith A full bag of "Bogus Tourism Awards for TT". This includes "Best Destination" awards from "tourism" associations in the two newly-discovered planets beyond the Goldilocks planetary system.

Winston "Gypsy" Peters The "Whatever You want, Minister" award from new National Carnival Commission chairman, Patrick Arnold.

Emmanuel George The "We Will Do Whatever We Want" award from his partner, WASA's Ganga Singh; the "Thank You, for not exposing my real qualifications" award from TTEC's chairman Omar Khan.

Jearlean John The "First Cry Wolf" award. (Remember, it was won last May on the way to London). She also won the "Best Cry Wolf Teacher" award for coaching the recipients listed below :

Kamla Persad-Bissessar The "Best Cry Wolf (Student)" award. (Shared with Gary Griffith, John Sandy, Dwayne Gibbs and Brig Kenrick Maharaj).

Kamla Persad-Bissessar also gets an "SoE Gift Medal", from the real provider of the intelligence for the SoE, and the plot former SIA head, Reshmi Ramnarine. George Nicholas of Caribbean Airlines sent the "Best Frequent Flier Ever (party)" award to be presented in India.

Louis Lee Sing The "Town Bad-John" award, and a written reminder that no "bad-john" ever won "so many" fights in town, at the same time.

"Capt" Gary Griffith The "Second (State of Emergency) Cry Wolf" award; two manuals "How do I announce a plot and get someone to believe me"; "When do I stop calling myself Captain?".

Rudi Moonilal the "anointed" Deputy Prime Minister a book "On Ideas".

Patrick Manning Richard Nixon's In the Arena, to be read before his every press conference he holds.

Prakash Ramadhar, COP leader the "Comedians on Parade 2011" award.

Tim Gopeesingh An education plan; a bag of cojones; a manual on "How to stand up to Sat while students are watching".

Sita Gajadharsingh-Nanga The CD, "I am a Strong Woman".

Glenn Ramadharsingh "The Selective Social Development" award it came from the residents of Petit Valley and Matelot.

Keith Rowley "Brand" new Balisier ties; the manual, "How do I mobilise a party?".

Verna St Rose Greaves The manual, "What is violence against women?" to be shared with Brenda Gopiesingh and Hazel Brown, Commonwealth Advocates on women's affairs.

"Embarrassed" Bhoe Tewarie A manual on how to think critically, plan and develop.

The Equal Opportunities Commission I am "advised" that Devant Maharaj's award came ahead of mine.

Sat Maharaj His coming book contract, "Three easy steps: How to lock out a principal, threaten violence, under an SoE and nobody dare touch yuh".

Jack Warner The manual, "How to dance in the coming tsunami, and not get wet".

Enjoy the rest of the season.

Keith Subero, a former Express news editor, has since followed

a career in communication

and management