Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dr Williams lecture series focuses on J'ca, T&TTaking my freedom


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"I'm taking my freedom, pulling it off the shelf, putting it on my chain, putting it around my neck.

I'm taking my freedom, putting it in my car, wherever I choose to go, it will take me far.


I'm living my life like it's golden…

I'm holding on to my freedom, can't take it from me. I WAS born into it, it comes naturally.

I'm strumming my own freedom – playing the God in me. Representing His glory, hope He's proud of me! "

–Jill Scott

"Sometimes it's hard to give yourself permission to set boundaries or to do something for yourself first, especially when others are tugging on you. But if you are to provide meaningful support to others, you have to give yourself permission to do those things that will bank the fires of your heart so that you can use that fire to warm and nurture others." –Quote

It is time for all of us to take back our freedom in every area that we have been shackled or kept back from enjoying life. And by God's grace, we can do it! If one person has done it, then so can we.

Our freedom calls out to us, beckoning to us to embrace it. And even though we get these flashing glimpses of what freedom can look like for us, we shut them down because - and in spite of all our proclamations of faith - we have not accepted 'freedom' in our heads and hearts – so, we turn away from it.

I have shared here about distractions and how we allow them to take us off course. And that is only one of the things that we allow to prevent us from enjoying our freedom the way we want to and should.

Another thing that keeps us back from enjoying freedom is that we push ourselves to burnout stage, and when we are at that point, close to breakdown, our spirits and bodies are not free to be all that we were meant to be. Taking time to replenish our inner and physical beings will lead to enjoyment of the freedom in this life.

Who or what is a happy man/woman enjoying freedom? When the burdens of life keep showing up on the screens of our minds, if we are not careful, they can drain us of joy or happiness, yes, our freedom. A happy man or woman then, is the one who has not let the burdens/cares and problems of life to push them down.

How then do we reclaim our freedom? We do just that; we decide to do it and then we do it. We let go of the mindsets that keep us crippled, we take action to rid ourselves of the freedom stealers in our lives, and we press on – never letting go of our ideals of personal freedom.

And it starts with the desire to be free, strengthened by our faith and determination to be free. And the desire usually comes when we are fed up and tired of being fed up and tired. When we pray, and we should be in constant prayer – an ongoing conversation with God – we must believe that we receive what we pray about and for. Check your forehead after a time of prayer and see/feel if they are still wrinkled with worry.

And then check your fear level. We will find that usually after prayer, if and when fear is allowed in the picture, we do not take that first step toward freedom at all. So for us to walk in and enjoy our freedom, we must believe that God has all those things we worry about - or we stay stuck in fear.

Take time to plan out your walk to freedom. Make a list of what you already know will get you started, and do what needs to be done. Learn to say no when it will not fit in the plan of you gaining your freedom. And most important OF ALL, you must not feel guilty when you have to say no. No is not a dirty word and can be said quite nicely you know. Every day that you postpone what has to be done for your personal freedom is a day of freedom lost.

Freedom will mean different things for each of us. We already know the things that keep us back from enjoying our lives to the fullest, but we do not have to be imprisoned for the rest of our lives. So we need to deal with these things so that we can take back our freedom.

So let us walk on water because weak faith panics, growing faith prays and seasoned faith walks on water in the midst of the storms.

Much love.