Friday, January 19, 2018

Fearful licking


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IT’S a close call on who got more licks…

Guyana and the rest of the territories, or the Tobago Organisation of the People and the other members of the People’s Partnership?

If Trinidad and Tobago’s cricketers had won Sunday’s Caribbean T20 final by ten wickets they might have got the nod, but the clean sweep by the People’s National Movement in the Tobago House of Assembly election on Monday gave them the edge.

And anytime you could get Jack Warner to keep quiet for a whole day, while he assessed the figures, then that tips the scale in the TOP and the People’s Partnership’s favour when it comes to cut-tail. Even though the next day Mr Warner was back to his normal self and delivered some rubbish about “tribal instincts”.

I suppose it’s real difficult for him and the rest of the ruling conglomerate to accept the cold, hard facts and admit that Reshmi, the Section 34 fiasco and so many other screw-ups must have had a bearing on where some voters, maybe the majority of them, put their X.

That Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her minions should face up to the stark reality that, in less than three years, the ruling coalition has burnt its gratuities and they could build countless bridges and construct miles of highway in the next two years, but it all comes down to trust and having faith in those we put in charge…and up to now they have let us down badly, without much chance of gaining a reprieve.

So they could flap their gums about “fear”, “abusers” and “a Calcutta ship” when they should simply relent that since May 2010, what we have for a Government hasn’t instilled much confidence in the majority of citizens.

Sure, there are those who are eating a food—and some of them are getting grossly overweight—but good governance must surely be about doing the best for everyone who pays taxes—along with those unfortunate ones left out of the loop—and not just the select few who make hefty campaign contributions.

And how long will it take those who govern the land to realise that blind and loyal followers became outnumbered when most Trinidadians and Tobagonians learned to read and write…that when you ask who you want to lead us, the current PM and the Partnership are in limited demand.

Yes, the party voted back into power in Tobago isn’t exactly above reproach and without several millions of dollars worth of questions to answer about Milsherv, with a few million more spent on the world’s most expensive goat racing facility. And writing that reminds me of how really desperate we have become and where we find ourselves in 2013…between the devil and the deep blue sea.

But before those who had our undivided support not so long ago would own up to displacing our confidence in them, they instead try to divert attention with gobbledygook about the reasons for the thrashing they received.

And whenever you could get Colm Imbert feeling like he’s six feet tall, belittling all the MPs across the floor, you can’t deny that the PNM trumped its opponents and has the Prime Minister and members of the ruling coalition walking around with a whole fowl coop of eggs on their faces.

But now that Imbert and his clone in the Government, Roodal Moonilal, are arguing about which one of them used the Ministry of National Security’s helicopters like maxi taxis, well you know that’s the time to change the subject and leave the politicians to spout gibberish, as they are accustomed to.

So we can talk instead about genuine people and real heroes like captain Denesh Ramdin and the other members of the national cricket team who lived up to all the hype and delivered on the field of play…beating all who opposed them in thoroughly decisive fashion.

Okay, Jamaica came out with a no-result and I must admit they did well to restrict T&T to 128 runs, but as they say…runs on the board.

We’ll never know what would have happened that Sunday night at the Queen’s Park Oval if not for the rain, but after that shaky start in the tournament’s opening match, skipper Ramdin and his boys were impeccable, hardly putting a foot wrong and once again—for the third time in a row—stamping their class on the regional T20 championship.

If I start to call names, I’ll have to mention every member of the T&T squad, including coach David Williams and manager Omar Khan, who kept their eyes on the prize and never let complacency set in when they were so clearly superior.

With another successful trophy defence out of the way, we can look forward to the next edition of the Champions League later this year and hope that we can’t do much worse than last year, when a large dose of brain fade cost us any chance of moving into the main draw.

Whether or not we have Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine in the national team line-up is totally up to those Indian Premier League-contracted players—if we are to believe the Sport Minister—but even without that dynamic trio, Trinidad and Tobago can still put up a good fight and do us proud.

We know we can count on them to deliver the goods and maintain our support, which is a lot more than we can say for those who move around in the corridors of power in T&T.