Sunday, December 17, 2017

For outstanding achievement


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Even in a year of stand-out performances, Keshorn Walcott reigns high above the field in a universe of his own. For carrying all of Trinidad and Tobago into the stratosphere of Olympic glory, and for sending our collective spirit soaring into the heights of superhuman possibility, the Trinidad Express Newspapers and its readers declare Keshorn Walcott our Individual of the Year 2012.

It is an honour that we hope young Keshorn will wear with pride, coming as it does from the most expansive newspaper readership in the country.

There were many worthy candidates for this honour in 2012, but in the end, our readers and Committee of Judges had no difficulty in concurring that Keshorn Walcott was the solitary star atop our podium of honour, as he had been when Trinidad and Tobago's national anthem was played for the one and only time at the London Olympics last year.

The award for Youth of the Year 2012 goes to another boy wonder, Aaron Duncan who, at the tender age of eight, is etching his name into the record books while building an enviable portfolio of work that has earned him multiple calypso and soca titles. In 2012, the pint-sized performer took on the under-18 field to win his third consecutive Junior Calypso Monarch title and the Junior Soca Monarch title. For his outstanding achievements, we are honoured to declare Aaron Duncan the Express Youth of the Year 2012.

In our galaxy of stars for 2012, community organisations shone as brightly as individuals.

For their ongoing protection and preservation of the environment, and especially for their heroic efforts in responding to the disaster precipitated last year against leatherback turtle hatchlings by bulldozers in the ecologically fragile area of Grande Riviere, we proudly declare Grand Riviere Environment Organisation to be Community Group of the Year 2012.

In the sphere of youth in community life, the award for Community Youth Group, 2012 goes to the Roxborough Police Youth Club.

For 22 years, this club has organised, motivated, inspired and served Tobago's youth. It is an activity hub that networks over 25 villages for its Night Football Tournament, assists scores of students through its Young Scholars Homework Centre and offers training in the culinary arts, steelpan, drumming, dance, garment construction, beauty culture, computer operations and secretarial services. More recently, it has launched services for the elderly at the Roxborough Multipurpose Youth Centre, bridging the gap between the generations.

On every count, the Express awardees for 2012 meet and surpass the criteria for outstanding achievement.

We at the Trinidad Express Newspapers are honoured to have them in our midst and to be able to elevate them and their achievements for the national community to share and celebrate.

We believe that the achievements of our 2012 awardees have the capacity for inspiring us all to greater heights in 2013 in the interest of building a better, more noble and enriching society of Trinidad and Tobago.