Speak life!

By A.P.Toussaint

"You shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you!"

I want to end this year on a positive note. And so as we go into the new year, I encourage all of us to speak life into all those situations that would have been dead, and have a resurrection party going on - for your life!

Last Friday, I shared on the importance of thinking, speaking, and acting positively. So this is a natural follow up to that message. We do not want to go into the New Year with a bunch of resolutions which tend to leave us a bit apprehensive – especially if not many of those we made for this passing year did not come to pass. So the very best thing that we should do is to speak life into every thing that concerns us.

These words from a song by Donald Lawrence lead us to do just that:

"I speak life!' "I speak life - you're gonna live oh my brother my sister;

I speak life-  you are the head and not the tail you will prevail.

I speak life - don't give up the fight for your life - You shall live and not die!

I speak life - you're gonna live oh my brother, my sister (say it again).

I speak life - you are the head and not the tail you will prevail (say it).

I speak life - don't give up the fight for your life - You shall live and not die!

Bridge –

Life to your spirit; Life to your soul; Lord bless your spirit;

By His words be made whole; Fight for your life; You shall live and not die!

I speak life-  you're gonna live oh my brother my sister (brother my sis).

I speak life - you are the head and not the tail you will prevail.

I speak life - don't give up the fight for your life; You shall live and not die!

You shall live and not die (repeat numbers of times)."

So if your relationship with the Lord is not what it should be or what you would like it to be, then speak life into that. But do what you must to establish and maintain that close connection with God as well. But start with speaking it out loud. "The Lord is my …!"

And what about the significant relationships that matter the most to you then — if they are not what you really want, do you want them enough to speak life into them?

Are you seeking expansion — to rise up out of the 'deadness' of lack? Then speak life into your career, your job, your educational pursuits and your finances! Speak life into all your affairs — everything that concerns you today. Speak life for your loved ones – SO that they would live long and prosper! Speak life into your home so that peace and joy will flow there uninterrupted. Speak with power and great expectations that what you say is what you will see with your very eyes. When you speak life — again positive words — you must see and experience change for the better.

And when you speak/affirm life, use scriptural words of promise — for they hold spiritual weight and will pump up your faith!

Some of my favourites are:

"The joy of the Lord is my strength!" when I am feeling a little down or overly tired.

"With long life He will satisfy me" when I'm tempted to think that death is just around the corner.

"For thou Oh Lord are a Shield for me, my Glory and the Lifter of my head" — when fear of the unknown raises its head.

"The blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it" when needs have to be met by God's grace and supply.

"PEACE BE STILL!' when trouble threatens.

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil!" when anyone tries to harm my loved ones or me in any way.

"Let there be!" when there is need for anything at all.

And so what is true for me can be true for you as well. But we must have the faith that speaking life into our 'dead' situations will cause the resurrection to take place.

We must understand how important the spoken word is, for it is with the spoken word that God created all that was ever created. So speak life my friend! Speak life!

So let us walk on water because weak faith panics, growing faith prays and seasoned faith walks on water in the midst of the storms."

Much love!

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