Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where there’s a will

And yes, you know the end of the saying — “there’s a way”.

As it relates to our nation, my question is which is the correct proposition-that we possess the national will to get things right in our country but we do not know the way or, that we know the way to solve our national issues but we lack the collective will.

I refuse to consider another proposition-that we just could not care less what happens in our country provided that it does not have any direct adverse effect on us -which is another way of saying “we like it so.”

There is an abundance of natural talent and wealth in this country so the lack of competence and funding cannot be used to explain the non-implementation of solutions that will address our major bugbears.

Obviously the problem is deep-rooted and until we fully accept that we need to change the way we think and operate, the replacement of one administration with another will not automatically improve our current status.

Perhaps there are persons who prefer to let things remain unchanged because it facilitates wrongdoing and makes it difficult to place blame at the feet of the perpetrators.

To return to the propositions posed earlier, logic suggests that if we have not yet found the way to solve the major matters that plague our land, then it must be because we lack the requisite will.

How then do we move forward if those who are in the drivers’ seats refuse to take directions from persons who can get us safely to our destination?

We the people must accept full responsibility for the state of the nation because many citizens have sat as silent passengers while the vehicles in which we have travelled have been driven recklessly and taken us along many dangerous routes.

At the end of the day, the present and future of this nation is in our hands and it appears that we are shirking our duty to set things right.

The use of social media is certainly an important tool in communicating the diverse views of society on matters of urgent, public importance but with the high level of political polarisation that exists amongst the masses, it is extremely difficult to sift the elements of constructive assessment from the expressions based on wicked agendas.

It is unfortunate that at a time when our nation needs us most, some prefer to continue along political lines rather than creating that new brand of politics which gives the welfare of the State paramount importance.

What Minister Winston Dookeran is still looking for in terms of getting the politics right, is in fact right in front of all of us, and it is for the citizenry to take up the mantle and demand good governance based on accountability and transparency from those who are both in government and opposition.

The time for being afraid of mashing corns and walking on eggshells has long gone and what we are witnessing today is a nation in distress which is giving out loud SOS signals to those who can by using legitimate means only, make a positive difference in our country.

While many continue to disagree with my position that the Congress of the People (COP) has a vital role to play in the political landscape of the country if the right individual is allowed to make the party stand firmly committed to its core values, the point remains that we are running out of viable options that can bring light to this nation that is suffering in darkness.

If readers find my expressions melodramatic, exaggerated or plain inaccurate, that is your right, but never let it be said that everyone sat in silence while the moral compass of the country went missing.

And do not misinterpret my writing for I have always reminded citizens that we have documents such as the Constitution, oaths of office taken by key office holders in the land and codes of conduct that provide perfect guidance for what is expected of our leaders.

The golden thread running through all these documents is that good conscience and justice must never be sacrificed for personal agendas.

Perhaps the real problem in this country is that many people are willing but because they are unprepared to blindly toe the line, they are ostracised and treated as outcasts.

Another possibility is that some willing and competent persons have been given the opportunity to shine but have been led astray by the glitz and glamour of politics.

A quick look at our political landscape over the decades provides several examples of individuals who allowed power and the lust for power to corrupt them absolutely.

So my question remains- do we lack the will or do we not know the way or is it both or is it that we just could not care?