Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Time to start fight against corruption

Former deputy Central Bank governor Terrence Farrell, speaking at Transparency International’s anti-corruption conference recently, blamed broken institutions manned by incompetent elites as the root cause of this country’s high levels of corruption. Read More »

A timely choice for PM

IN THIS plural society of our Caribbean Community, whose cosmopolitan citizens are famously known for their capacity to laugh at themselves—even when times are quite tough—there are worrying indicators of a likely descent into racial slurs and name-calling. Read More »

From Williams to Rowley

I was absolutely convinced that Trinidad and Tobago had reached rock bottom when I grimaced in pain under the venom of invectives hurled at Dr Keith Rowley by Roodal Moonilal until Vernella Alleyne-Toppin upstaged him with her unpardonable pernicious slaughtering of parliamentary privilege for which she shall forever be bemoaned. Read More »

Intergalactic pirates again

I really liked the furious debate that broke out recently among astronomers about whether we should send out signals to the universe saying “we’re here.” It implicitly assumes that somehow, if your science is really advanced, then interstellar travel is possible. Read More »

Seize chance to fix top cop selection mess

Over the nearly eight years since the retirement of Commissioner Trevor Paul, the Police Service has been led by an acting appointee for all but nearly two years. Mr Paul is today remembered for having been the last officer raised to the top position from within the ranks. Read More »

Archaic laws and law makers

That Government did not foresee widespread public condemnation and ire for statements made by its MP, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, in Parliament last Wednesday, might not be so baffling after all. That it failed to anticipate the ensuing social and political backlash for what, it is now obvious to all, was a grievous strategic miscalculation, may not be so strange nor confounding either. Read More »

All ah we is one, right?

In April 2014 Jaishima Leladharsingh said in an insensitive Facebook comment said that he was “glad (ANR) Robinson (had) gone forever.” Soon after, he launched a racial assault on Anthony McLeod, whom he didn’t know but who he obviously thought was black. McLeod’s photo in fact shows him a mixed race person. Leladharsingh was clearly misled by the name: he must have assumed that Anthony looked like Errol. The Minister should take note. Read More »

Understanding the House Slave

Keith Rowley finds himself a black man in this society, and he has the ambition to be Prime Minister. Read More »

Probe ex-AG’s spending

We join the call for a full investigation into the payment of legal fees by the Office of the Attorney General during the tenure of Anand Ramlogan. A thorough forensic audit would be the best way to explain the phenomenal 300 per cent-plus increase in payments to private attorneys hired by the State during Ramlogan’s tenure. Read More »

Are we there yet?

A headline in the UK Guardian last week read, “Study shows that humans are evolving faster than previously thought”. Ignoring notions of a biblical Adam and Eve, the full study, in the publication, Nature Genetics, suggests that our parents, “the Genetic Adam and Eve” evolved much earlier, somewhere between 174,000 and 320,000 years ago. Read More »

A strategy gone too far

The issue, and its various ramifications, has already been covered in comprehensive detail by commentators of every conceivable stripe and in every type of media. But on this occasion I feel that it is still necessary to have my say if only to ensure that the historical records reflect that I stood in the lists of those who cried “foul’’. Read More »

Lessons from the Shouter Baptists

Today is Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day, a holiday celebrated in memory of the struggles for, and the repeal of the Shouters Prohibition Ordinance of 1917. Today, we honour those among us who have fought and won a long, difficult, oppressive, cruel spiritual struggle of liberation for a not inconsiderable period of our country’s history and in the face of overwhelming odds. Read More »

Keep spotlight on future of precious Chaguaramas

By their actions, and what is known of their development plans, the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) board and management have raised the profile of the iconic piece of T&T that is their reason for being. Maybe not since the historic agitations of the 1960s have the present state and future prospects of Chaguaramas enjoyed so elevated a degree of national attention and concern. Read More »

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