Monday, July 28, 2014


What’s your solution, Mr London?

THA Chief Secretary Orville London must have sought last week to secure opinion leadership on the critical question of air transport between Tobago and Trinidad. Read More »

Clouding the celebrations

It should have been the week, beginning on Tuesday, that all over T&T we extended the blessings of Allah to our Muslim brothers and sisters; a week, when on Friday, thousands of Africans would be taking to the streets to commemorate the anniversary of Emancipation Read More »

Why Minister Anil Roberts should resign

Let me make it clear from the outset that I am not calling on Anil Roberts, Minister of Sport, to resign. I am not doing so because I know that it will not happen. Read More »

A choice between two leaders

The 2015 general election provides voters with a clear choice between two leaders, two contrasting styles of governance, two visions of what our country should look like in the 21st century, two opposing plans and policies for taking our country forward, and two management styles generally reflective of their different genders. Read More »

Fire him, Madam PM

Even more outrageous than the findings of possible fraud, theft and corruption contained in the audit of the LifeSport programme is the glaring omission from the Prime Minister’s statement of any reference to the role, responsibility and accountability of line minister Anil Roberts, Minister of Sport. Read More »

Adding voices

The comment of retired Major General Ralph Brown on the continuing de facto martial law situation in Laventille was most welcome. Predictably the Minister of National Security responded to Mr Brown with belligerence and included a personal attack. Read More »

Brazil Changes Course

Many have probably wondered why so many people of colour the world over make Brazil their first choice in terms of the outcomes of the World Cup football games. Is it because they identify with Pele and regard him as their poster boy? The greatest Brazilian football player? Read More »

From ‘hot spots’ to ‘sweet spots’

Recognising it as one to keep, I clipped the photo last March of a prisoner making the “perp walk” to court, handcuffed but also with feet shackled. He had been recaptured in Sangre Grande some weeks after having escaped from prison in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Read More »

Playing Police and Thief

The burning question about LifeSport is not why the Prime Minister hasn’t fired her Minister of Sport. Read More »

Conduct unbecoming

When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled, says the African proverb. To paraphrase this, when two generals, one captain-turned-minister, and the acting Commissioner of Police lock horns over the contentious issue of soldiers patrolling the streets, a lowly ex-lieutenant should stay far from the heavyweight battle. Read More »

Treading water under PM’s gaze

If anyone still thinks that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is cowed by her male Cabinet colleagues, her public boof of Sport Minister Anil Roberts and National Security Minister Gary Griffith should have somewhat disabused them of that belief. Read More »

A road already well travelled

EDMUND Bartlett, a Jamaica MP and the Opposition spokesperson on foreign affairs recently stated the JLP’s position to consider, yet again, this “hot air” policy balloon namely, the unsatisfactory trade deficit with Caricom, stated as the decline in Jamaica’s exports to Caricom of US$67.4 million which partially contributed to the total regional trade balance of US$881 million. Read More »

Flawed assessment of Robinson

Selwyn Ryan’s article “Robinson a good man, hardly great” (Sunday Express, July 20) probably should not have been written, because mainly it required pulling ANR Robinson down a peg. Proving a negative is inherently torturous. In this case the task would entail swimming upstream against the current of not just conventional wisdom, but a well-articulated public record of service of the highest order. Read More »

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