Thursday, July 24, 2014


Women in crisis, children in pain

If there were anything useful to be extracted from the horrible video of a child being slapped, stomped on and beaten with a shovel, it is the revealing glimpse it provides into the nightmares that dwell within the walls of private homes. Read More »

Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel

the spirit of the game and the spirit of the law are concepts used to define behaviours that represent the finer ideals, usually implicitly expected. And the latest round of bluster by the Minister of Sport comes across as an act that is more mean-spirited than one meant to protect the sovereignty of the country he himself represents so “outstandingly.’’ Read More »

Naming protocols

If Anil Roberts, who is currently besotted by pre-termination throes, had come to me about the name change of the Caribbean Premier League’s (CPL) Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, I would have told him: “No big thing. Read More »

Are we part of the world?

Where is Trinidad and Tobago? This year, humanity marked 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War and we have heard nothing from our academia, politics or religion on a horror that replicated itself and shaped the contours and character of modern civilisation. Read More »

Tread carefully with those Defence Force patrols

National Security Minister Gary Griffith continues to insist that soldiers are acting within the law in conducting patrols, basing his defence on legal hair-splitting about the difference between a patrol and an operation and whether a police officer has to be present or just in communication. Read More »

Barbados’ brewing political storm

HEADS MAY soon roll within the parliamentary opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) over growing dissent among some leading party stalwarts now that disagreements have moved from internal status to the public domain. Read More »

A World Cup amateur

Three-quarter way through World Cup 2014, I confirmed my amateur status as a member of the world-wide viewing audience by phoning an old friend to ask what, exactly, did “offside” mean in football. He explained it carefully. I listened intently. And came away still a little confused. Read More »

Judicial irony

The learned Justice of Appeal Gregory Smith delivered a well-written judgment on the repeal of Section 34. It was not a challenging appeal. The difficulties for the appellants—Ferguson et al—were evident even at first instance when the Attorney General filed an uncontested affidavit and was not subject to cross-examination. On the facts before it, the courts at first instance and at appeal had little difficulty in concluding the amendment effecting the repeal of Section 34 was not ad hominem and was constitutional. Read More »

For Ukraine, Gaza, only gloomy peace prospects

World attention remains riveted on developments in eastern Europe and in the Middle East, that have stirred more despair than hope in the prospects for peaceable international relations. Five days since a missile fired from Ukraine destroyed a civilian airliner, killing nearly 300, quarrelsome finger-pointing continues over both responsibility for the massacre and investigations into the incident. Read More »

Fuelling evil

Between the diesel racket and the illegal quarrying, the country sits on a $10 billion problem—a big number as the Minister of Finance Larry Howai fine-tunes his next budget. Beyond the massive loss of revenues from taxes and royalties, these illegal activities form part of underground criminal activities influencing other forms of lawlessness, and battles for control and silence have led to murders. Minister Howai may once again set the tone but lack of enforcement keeps the racketeering going. Read More »

Tools for schools of politics

Entering the world of politics is an articulated ambition of thousands of young people who want to contribute to the positive development of their country. Read More »

New bank of BRICS: what’s in it for small economies

It is news that should awaken the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from their complacent attitude toward developing countries. It is also news that should confirm to the G20 that what used to be the G7— a group of the seven industrialised nations—no longer controls the world’s financial affairs. Read More »

Betraying our children

It is a national disgrace that two years after the Children Act 2012 was passed by Parliament, our nation’s most vulnerable citizens remain without adequate protection of the law. Read More »

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