Saturday, April 25, 2015


A bill worth supporting

THE Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Bill is filled with good intentions but, as with most legislation, it will only be of maximum benefit if it is properly enforced. Read More »

The future is services

When in the early 1990s it became apparent that Europe’s preferential regimes for Caribbean bananas and sugar were coming to an end, an impassioned debate began about a transition to other forms of economic activity. Read More »

Labour and politics

Last Monday, the People’s Partnership celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Fyzabad Accord which served as the precursor to the establishment of the governing Partnership coalition. Read More »

Brian Lara—a blade apart

The Nation newspaper published this article on March 30, 1993 and my column has appeared in that paper, the Trinidad Express, the Jamaica Gleaner and the Kaieteur News since then. Read More »

On the road to Chaguaramas

The origin or ownership of the idea of building a causeway from Port of Spain to Chaguaramas counts for less than meeting present and future needs for that piece of infrastructure. Read More »

Nurses a grievance

If teenage mothers are abusing and attacking nurses in the public hospitals, the solution is simple: stop letting pregnant teenagers into the hospitals. Read More »

A semblance of truth

Something peculiar happens to people when they become political-party supporters. It is most noticeable during election campaigns but also during the years that their party is in office. Read More »

UWI fees will set new tone for students

JUST HOW are students of the University of the West Indies (UWI) at Cave Hill coping under the new regime of fee payment? Read More »

Paying for the best from MPs

Making a welcome and early appearance as a worthy topic for campaign debate, the issue of better pay for Members of Parliament deserves the attention of all voters and taxpayers. Taking polar positions on the issue, however, are the two main parties in the House. Opposition Leader Keith Rowley is advocating better pay for MPs so that they would have no need for income derived from “moonlighting”. Read More »

City on the Hill

Last month I was lucky enough to see a new documentary film, City on the hill, by well-known local film-makers Patricia Mohammed and Michael Mooleedhar. It is part of a UWI research project, which obtained a grant in 2012 from the UWI-T&T Research and Development Impact Fund. Read More »

A viable partnership in 2015?

I hear the People’s Partnership invoking the Fyzabad Accord again and the Congress of the People talking about contesting 14 seats in the 2015 elections. Read More »

Barack on the rock

On April 8, at around 6 p.m., word was “The eagle has landed”. For a night and a day President Barack Obama was, per capita, the most hugged, kissed potentate — no queen or pope compares. He was suave, smart, a can-do man clothed in the military might of the US, and we loved him to bits. Read More »

Reach out to new teen moms

Are pregnant teenagers more prone to aggressive and violent behaviour than older pregnant women? Read More »

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