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CTS College of Business and Computer Science LTD

Established in July 1999, CTS College of Business and Computer Science (CTSCBCS) offers a wide range of programmes from secondary to post graduate degree. It has evolved into one of the most respected academic institutions in the country, producing high quality, well rounded professionals to match the capabilities of top graduates around the world. CTSCBCS aspires beyond academics and strives to prepare students with a diverse working knowledge of today’s organization.

  • From Oscar Francois Ltd

    What is Omega 3 good for?

    Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is not made by the human body. It has to come from diet or supplements. It is made up of two components- EPA and DHA. EPA is utilized in lowering triglycerides and reducing inflammation in the body. DHA is important for brain development, concentration and memory. Omega 3 is a main ingredient in the majority of Seven Seas products.

  • From Bmobile Trinidad and Tobago

    How do I activate a Bmobile 4G Plan?

    Prepaid Subscribers-Non Blackberry

    • All prepaid subscribers will be 4G by default - their handset type will determine network access
    • No sign up process necessary
    • Dial *3282# and choose a bundle appropiate for your needs.
    Postpaid Subscribers & Blackberry Prepaid Subscribers
    • All BB Prepaid subscribers will be required to sign up for 4G service
    • Post Paid subscriber not in the "Anywhere plans" and the "Plus Plans" will be required to sign up for 4G
    • Text 4G to 3282 and a Customer Service Representative will contact you in 24 hours to explain our data plans and to help sign you up.

  • From Oscar Francois Ltd

    Why choose Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil products?

    Only Seven Seas pure and natural cod liver oil is Ultra Purified using the unique Ocean Gold method- a breakthrough in cod liver oil refining that guarantees the purest product.

  • From CTS College of Business and Computer Science LTD

    How are the Student Support Services at CTS?

    CTS has won ACTT QuITE awards for Student Support Services in Tertiary Education (2011 and 2012) and Excellence for an Established Quality Management System (2012). The importance of these awards cannot be understated as we demonstrated our potential to meet and exceed the standards and quality established by the ACTT. More importantly, this award signifies the culture and legacy our Directors Mr. Ravi Ragoonath and Mr. Nigel Polar have always strived to promote at CTS College, since our inception in 1999 we have always valued our students and we always endeavored to provide quality education and exceptional student support services, this award is a humbling testament to these endeavors.

  • From Oscar Francois Ltd

    What is Omega 3 good for?

    Reducing inflammatory diseases such as high cholesterol, arthritis and heart disease; boosts brain function; cell regeneration; defense against sun damage; healthy bone development.