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  • From Bmobile Trinidad and Tobago

    What makes Bmobile 4G Better?

    • Our customer friendly 4G Experience. With bmobile 4G, customers get options and notifications to avoid overage charges
    • 360 degrees of 4G coverage throughout Trinidad and Tobago; data is available via our mobile network, our WIMAX network and unlimited free access in our many bzones across the country
    • We offer the best 4G rates in the Caribbean!

  • From Oscar Francois Ltd

    What do probiotics do?

    Probiotics protect the digestive system against harmful bacteria and restores its natural balance. Seven Seas Multibionta is the first clinically proven complete multivitamin specially formulated with a unique blend of probiotics to maintain a healthy immune and digestive system in a unique triple layered tablet.

  • From Bmobile Trinidad and Tobago

    How do I activate a Bmobile 4G Plan?

    Prepaid Subscribers-Non Blackberry

    • All prepaid subscribers will be 4G by default - their handset type will determine network access
    • No sign up process necessary
    • Dial *3282# and choose a bundle appropiate for your needs.
    Postpaid Subscribers & Blackberry Prepaid Subscribers
    • All BB Prepaid subscribers will be required to sign up for 4G service
    • Post Paid subscriber not in the "Anywhere plans" and the "Plus Plans" will be required to sign up for 4G
    • Text 4G to 3282 and a Customer Service Representative will contact you in 24 hours to explain our data plans and to help sign you up.

  • From Oscar Francois Ltd

    Who is cod liver oil for?

    Adults 25 years and over who are interested in maintaining good health naturally by combining the benefits of cod liver oil with essential nutrients in a convenient one a day capsule.

  • From Oscar Francois Ltd

    What is Omega 3?

    Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is not made by the human body. It has to come from diet or supplements. It is made up of two components- EPA and DHA. EPA is utilized in lowering triglycerides and reducing inflammation in the body. DHA is important for brain development, concentration and memory. Omega 3 is a main ingredient in the majority of Seven Seas products.