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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Jenkins wins crime writing prize

“The Long Arm of the Lawless”, a short story by Barbara Jenkins, has won much praise and a trip to Scotland for its author. Read more »

  • Using data to tackle non-communicable diseases

    This is the second in a four-week series highlighting the research projects that will be recognised with prestigious Campus Awards at the upcoming UWI-NGC Research Awards Ceremony on October 1. Read More »

  • Kidney stones: What you need to know

    Kidney stones are hard deposits that form inside your kidneys. About 80 per cent of kidney stones are made up of calcium with the other 20 per cent made up of substances like uric acid (something made from the breakdown of “purines” found in some foods and drinks), struvite (a phosphate mineral) or cystine (an amino acid). Read More »

  • My feet are different sizes

    Is it normal for my feet to be a different size? One of my feet is bigger than the next... Wait, yours too? Yes this is actually not considered abnormal. For about 80 per cent of persons with one foot larger, their bigger foot is their left foot. Read More »

  • Trini installed as pastor in US church

    For nearly four years, Jericho City of Praise, one of the largest churches in the Washington area, has been the object of a power struggle between the son of the sanctuary’s late founders and elders who took control of the church after the second of the two founders died in 2010. Read More »

  • One-pot wonders

    veryone is on the go and time to prepare an extravagant meal is a luxury that most of us don’t have. Read More »

  • A film on ‘Fortitude’

    No one will doubt that the Chinese community here in Trinidad and Tobago has contributed greatly to the development and prosperity of the nation. The first group of Chinese indentured labourers arrived here on October 12, 1806 on a ship named Fortitude. These were men who were recruited in the areas of Macau, Penang and other places from their homeland. Read More »

  • Guilbault covers the Cape

    Iconic musician Dr Roy Cape who is an ace saxophonist, singer and founder of the Roy Cape All Stars band can now boast a new profession having just had his book titled, A Life on the Calypso and Soca Bandstand published by Duke University Press to be released on October 3. Read More »

  • Training your canine companion

    Last week we looked at choosing the right dog to suit your lifestyle and getting your home ready for your new canine companion. Now that you have decided on the dog or puppy of your dreams, training is important. You might ask yourself, how long does it take and what does it entail? Read More »

  • Cutting-edge skincare

    Caring for your skin is important and what you do to it can affect your overall appearance in a positive or negative way. TruKomplexion Unisex MediSpa in Santa Cruz will conduct three workshops to showcase the benefits of oxygen to the skin. These workshops will show the power of combining beauty with technology. Read More »

  • Plight of our marine life

    While walking along the beach at Canari, two brothers encountered a situation that they were little prepared for. The tide was out and it being the south coast of Trinidad, this meant there was a lot of beach exposed. Sometimes the water goes out for at least half mile away from the high tide line. Read More »

  • 2015: A ‘Jamette Carnival’

    Trini Revellers, last Saturday at Lions Cultural Centre, Woodbrook, held a viewing of the costumes for their 2015 presentation The Jamette Carnival 1860 to 1896. Read More »

  • A time for heroes

    A major national disability awareness campaign set for September will raise awareness on multiple disabilities. Read More »

  • For singles

    Lets face it, making friends and meeting new people can be difficult. That’s why best friends and business partners Cherisse Gibson and Jenna Neaves have created The Social Life, a series of interactive singles events for singles between the ages of 25-40 aimed at helping them socialise. Read More »

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