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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Designs on Divali

Celebrating 28 years of providing customers with quality, authentic East Indian apparel, Priyadarshini is proud to show appreciation to its customers. Read more »

  • Resilient at 50

    The Trinidad And Tobago Red Cross Society (TTRCS) celebrated 50 years with a beautiful commemorative hardback book that looks back at its first 50 years. The book, written by Nasser Khan, chronicles the TTRCS’s large spectrum of interests and contains and eclectic mix of its history, anecdotes and achievements. The unveiling ceremony took place at the Church Hall on the grounds of the Church of the Assumption, Long Circular Road in Maraval Read More »

  • ‘Being Meek’

    Gospel singer Kimoy Homer has launched her new single titled “Being Meek”. The release of the song is more than a dream come true for Homer, who is new to the local gospel scene. Read More »

  • Using ICT to improve agriculture

    The international community celebrated World Food Day on October 16, as designated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Read More »

  • Family Farming:

    The UN General Assembly has designated 2014 “International Year of Family Farming” in recognition of the important contribution of family farmers to world food security. Read More »

  • What is Orchitis?

    Source: healthandyourlife.blogspot.com Orchitis pronounced (or-kye-tis) is inflammation of one or both testicles. Orchitis is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection. In some cases the cause is unknown and referred to as “idiopathic orchitis”. It can also be caused by infections of the prostate gland and urinary tract. If the cause is viral, it is usually associated with the mumps virus and you will see symptoms usually around 4-6 days after the viral infection. Read More »

  • Talar Dome Lesion

    The ankle joint is composed of the bottom of the tibia (shin) bone, and the top of the talus (ankle) bone. The ankle bone transfers weight-bearing from the shin to the foot. The second largest of the tarsal bones, the talus has the highest percentage of surface area covered by cartilage in the entire human body. Unlike most bones, no muscles attach to the talus, so its position depends on that of the neighbouring bones. Read More »

  • Celebrating Red Cross ‘Chain Gathering’

    Reema Carmona, patron of the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross Society, celebrated a heartwarming 75th annual National Chain Gathering with some 350 young members of the organisation at the bpTT Mayaro Resource Centre on October 2. Read More »

  • Sweet and spicy treats

    Deep in the southeastern part of Trinidad, Rio Claro to be exact, Kavita Seetahal-Racha makes her living selling upar gaar or murtan. Read More »

  • Journey of discovery

    Sarah Beckett, one of the most accomplished and ambitious editions to Trinidad and Tobago’s art scene has taken her supporters and art aficionados on a wonderful journey through past and present works in two solo exhibitions which presents an extensive collection devoted to work spanning over 40 years. Read More »

  • Celebrating 30 years of dance

    This year the Noble Douglas Dance Company Inc (NDDCI) will begin the celebration of its 30th anniversary with the presentation of the dance season, TEETH. TEETH marks the beginning of a fourth decade of dance for the NDDCI. Read More »

  • A trove of deep-sea life

    Lecturer at The University of the West Indies (UWI) St Augustine, Dr Judith F Gobin, was part of a team of international scientists that made the exciting discovery of four new deep-sea cold seeps approximately 130 km off the east coast of Trinidad and Tobago this week. Hundreds of thousands of eight-inch-long deep-sea mussels, metre-long tubeworms, pink shrimp, snails and fish were found living around the seeps at 1200 m depth. Read More »

  • Food security in the era of climate change

    TODAY is World Food Day. And what is more vital to life than food? Yet the food security in the Caribbean and right here in Trinidad and Tobago is under threat by an ever present danger: climate change. It’s no wonder why researchers and experts, including Dr Wayne Ganpat of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture at The University of the West Indies, say World Food Day has taken on greater significance than it has in previous years. Read More »

  • REACT celebrates 50 years of communications services

    With an history of award winning performances in communications services, REACT celebrates its 50th anniversary this Sunday. REACT is an international organisation with membership divided into nine teams in Trinidad and Tobago. Victor Bernard, president of team 6008 St Andrew/St David has called this a landmark occasion deserving an entire month of activities. Read More »

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