Saturday, February 24, 2018

3Canal launches season tonight


‘STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE’: Rapso trio 3Canal is set to launch their 2014 season. —Photos courtesy Elliot Francois FOTOGRAPHY

Mark Fraser

With Soca music rolling steadily on to the international mainstream in 2013 and global eyes turned expectantly toward T&T, Jamaica and the Caribbean, 3Canal started off thinking about Carnival 2014 with unbridled joy in mind. To the outspoken rapso trio, the lengthy season initially seemed full of passion and promise and that potential translated into festive songs like their early collaboration with Shurwayne Winchester, “Tang Tang” and their first LazaBeam-produced release, “Wine”.

Then 2014 began and bodies began dropping daily… Crime surged, oil spilled and canned juices turned into unclaimed cocaine… Quickly the smiles on their faces turned to frowns and their next recording session produced “Grimeee” results:

“This season we worked with the fresh young producer known as 1stKlase for the first time,” explained Stanton Kewley, “and that was a great vibe. It reminded us of working with the late great $hel$hok – cause he had that similar kind of energy in the studio – and we were going full steam ahead with ‘Carnival Comin’ as our theme for the season, but then, when the whole atmosphere changed and things started getting so ‘grimeee’ all around the country, it made us pause for a cause so to speak and we ended up rethinking and recreating our whole idea for the season.”

Tonight, 3Canal will officially launch their 2014 season and share their new releases alongside a star-studded cast of guest performers at The Hotel Normandie: Under The Trees.

“It’s a space we used a couple times and our fans really seem to like,” said Roger Roberts. “Many people are no longer excited or intrigued by the typical fete scene or the atmosphere that prevails at those events, so we offer an alternative that’s culturally, lyrically and musically sound and still allows people to de-stress and take ah wine and ease the tension they feel every day in this land now. No one can deny that the stress factor has increased tremendously and the daily traffic to and from their homes and jobs is almost a welcome respite from all the other challenges…”

Never a group to rely on radio airplay, 3Canal still produces a healthy volume of music to add to their extensive catalogue annually and this year is no exception. JusNow collaborator, Keshav “LazaBeam” Chandradathsingh has produced “Wine” and “HiYah”, while 1stKlase fielded “Grimeee”, “Corruption” and Carnival Comin”, Neil Bernard added “Fire Bun Dem” and Alton Bertie masterminded the music behind the Shurwayne Winchester collaboration, “Tang Tang”.

“Mediocrity has taken over the world and threatens to steal our souls daily,” exclaimed Wendell Manwarren. “We have allowed people with only financial ideals to destroy our environment and our world… We have allowed people who have no plans or ideas and clearly know nothing about governance to rule us… We have allowed people who cannot sing and have no visible talent to claim the spotlight… and all this has become the norm! So how can we feel inspired and excited about life when we’re surrounded by zeroes instead of heroes? 

“That’s why the whole place is grimeee right now – because there’s hardly any light shining among us. Our only recourse is to strive for excellence – and to celebrate it. We can only fight the growing darkness with light and Carnival is our time to shine! In as much as we recognise the danger, we cannot succumb to fear and loathing… 3Canal say come out and shine yuh light, ‘Carnival Comin’ and is ‘Corruption’ everywhere yuh turn… Lift your light ‘Hiyah’ and let de ‘Fire Bun Dem’ because de place getting too ‘Grimeee’!”

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