Friday, February 23, 2018

A celebration somewhere out there

Island People and Dream Team launch this weekend


An image from the Dream Team’s 2015 presentation, “Somewhere Out There”.

Mark Fraser

he mas-band-launch season continues this weekend with two other major bands, Island People Mas and Dream Team Carnival, revealing their respective presentations for C2K14. Both bands are promising exciting and trendsetting presentations of their launches, but they would not elaborate on what is in store for the patrons because they do not want to, “Give away too much and diminish the element of surprise.”

Island People will host its media launch tonight at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s from 6.30. The event was originally supposed to take place at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, but had to be relocated after NAPA was shut down because it was deemed unsafe by the 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The Island team moved quickly to find a new venue and redesign its presentation to suit the space.

Island People is in 2015 presenting, “Celebrate” which is the second part in a trilogy it began in Carnival 2014. Titled, “The Whole: Mystery – Magic – Marvel”, this was actually launched at NAPA last year and the plan was to return there for the continuation of the saga. 

The presentation will be in the form of a grand cultural extravaganza on what the producers say will be an impressive set. The presentation of the synopsis and costume designs will comprise live music, a rhythm section, spoken-word, dance and of course the models showcasing the costume designs.

The Dream Team Carnival will on Sunday launch their 2015 presentation, “Somewhere Out There” at the Anchorage, Chaguaramas from 7 p.m. Now in its seventh year, Dream Team is competing in the Large Band category and like Island People is offering an all-inclusive package to masqueraders.  

Bandleader Paul Singh said Dream Team is prepared to once again push the envelope with its 2015 incarnation. “Our imagination is the greatest gift we possess and this presentation gives us freedom to imagine and create worlds, both absolute and abstract. ‘Somewhere Out There’ is a manifestation of our mystery, magic and mythology. The mystery excites us. The magic entertains us. The myth inspires us,” Singh said.

Singh also hinted at some innovations on the road for 2015 including the introduction of a platinum package offering masqueraders access to a VIP premium bar all in keeping with the band’s drive to continuously improve the mas experience. Dream Team is presenting 12 sections in C2K14 and will reveal all of the designs on Sunday.