Saturday, January 20, 2018

A treat for the tummy


Mark Fraser

Yummy Tummy restaurant, located at 13 Southern Main Road in Curepe and at West Bees Plaza in Diego Martin, is developing into a favourite place to dine since its launch in 2011. 

The fast food chain, which also offers healthy options, just celebrated its relaunch and rebranding at its Curepe branch, and unveiled its unique logo. Customers experienced giveaways, the restaurant’s superb menu and live enter­­-


Restaurant manager Candace Juman said the vision of Yummy Tummy’s management is to reflect a relaxed dining experience. She said both Yummy Tummy bran­ches are unique. While the Curepe branch is spacious and can accommodate 36 persons, the Diego Martin branch has a seating capacity of ten persons and is reflective of a more fast-food-atmosphere-styled branch. 

Juman said the menu is reflective of the restaurant’s drive to provide a diverse menu as well as healthy options. The menu is a fusion of local and international offerings, from seafoods like grilled shrimp, burgers and chicken sandwiches. The restaurant largely prefers to use local produce and products. All meats are halal.

 “We want our environment to be comfortable. We made some improvements to the brand. Following a survey, we tailored our menu based on what our customers wanted. We’ve also added more items to the menu. Our wings are very popular but we’ve added more options. Although we have our fried options, we do a lot of grilled foods, seafoods and a lot of salads to cater to our health-conscious customers. We understand that people are eating healthier; they come in and they ask for salads and grilled foods. We have various options for kids as well with our junior meals,” Juman said. 

The menu features typical fast food dishes, however, there are other tra­ditional offerings, inclu­ding various salads, rice, potaotes, lamb, fish and barbecue meals. 

Juman said there are plans to open other restaurants throughout the country. 

Parking is now available at both the front and back of the restaurant.  The new restaurant provides dine-in, take-away meals and a drive-through.

Yummy Tummy also offers a catering service.