Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A beautiful soca life lesson

Kees Dieffenthaller, David Rudder record inspirational duet


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Youthful soca artiste Kees Dieffenthaller and veteran King David Rudder have teamed up to do a song for Carnival 2013.

Dieffenthaller and his band, Kes The Band have tapped into the roots of Trinbagonian culture for this latest release titled "Live Yuh Life" and invited Rudder to join them in sending a positive musicial message to the people.

"King David Rudder is one of my favourite artistes of all time," said Dieffenthaller. "He's one of those examples of the total package, you know: an artiste who can hit you those powerful, lyrical songs that make you stop and think, but can also make you free yourself and get on bad in the fete too! I hope to be even half as great as that one day and of course, we have shared many stages together, so I feel blessed to be able to work with him right now. I feel like we kinda tapped into a Charlie's Roots kinda vibe with this song and I hope people enjoy it and understand the message behind it as well," Dieffenthaller continued.

Produced by De Red Boyz production duo out of Barbados and written by Jason "Shaft" Bishop, "Live Yuh Life" is a modern day kaiso reminiscent of the 1980s, yet

not dated, sung by two of the most poignant voices in the industry. Linking up with the renowned Bajan production duo for the first time, Dieffenthaller recorded most of his parts at their studio in Barbados, before meeting up with Rudder to finish off the vocals at MadMen Producers' studio here in San Juan.

"From the time Shaft came to me with the idea, I knew it was gonna be one of those special ones, I wouldn't attempt to make anything less than a classic with a great (artiste) like David Rudder and I felt like the song deserved that distinctive personality to make it really touch the hearts of the people. The studio session was 'reallll' vibes and Rudder added all these magical touches that just put the song into a whole other zone. We want to make people dance and sing of course, but we also want them to think about how they live with each other," Dieffenthaller said.

Rudder, who is due back in the country next weekend said he believes the song has, "great potential," to impact upon society and hopes the masses "embrace the message" behind the music.

"I think it could be a big song," he said over the telephone from his residence in Canada. "I haven't heard the final version yet, but from the energy in the studio and the lyrical content, the music, etc., I know it has great potential. It has all the right ingredients. It's interesting because we have all the ingredients to live well with each other—as the song says—in Trinidad also eh, but is what people choose to include in their diets that will affect them in the end. So we'll see if this is included in their diet."

Kes The Band is scheduled to perform next at an annual fundraiser titled "Gruff Parang Party" to be held this Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight at St Andrew's Golf Course, Moka.