Thursday, February 22, 2018

A manly makeover


SEXY: Throw pillows in various prints.

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SIMPLE: A nicely laid-out living room area with a nearby kitchen.

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Today's article is one primarily for my male readers. Most of you are probably tired of those frilly or lacy décor ideas on the net and in magazines. A man's décor does have to look like a den. In fact men can also enjoy romantic interiors but with a manly touch. So let us do something different to personalise your space in a masculine way.

The most important elements when creating a manly décor are the wall colour, accessories or accent pieces, furniture, and fabric design. Most men don't necessarily care for delicate things, but luxury is a style statement that most men want. To give the room a clean and clear look, one should firstly and clearly distinguish what he really wants. Remember, fresh flowers and floral drapes are definitely not macho. Here is how you should go about it.


In my opinion, a man's space looks best in basic and bold colours to give it a strong look. Some favourites are neutrals in black, white, grey, shades of tan, or blue, purple and green. These can be used either as an accent wall or a full room colour.


Fabrics can be of any material you choose. You can use Egyptian cotton, cottons, linens, faux silks, micro suede and leather. At present micro-suede is quite popular. This fabric makes great drapery panels, cushions and bedspreads to give a manly yet sophisticated look to your bedroom or living space.


A man's bedroom is his own private "man's cave". Bedspreads and sheets all should look and give a masculine feel. You can have plain coloured sheets, in red, black, grey, or earth tones in keeping with your theme and décor. You can also use animal prints which do not only include zebra stripes and cheetah spots, but also include deer, elephant and giraffe printed sheets, all of which are sexy and look great. Satin sheets are a great option when used in bold colours. However, I strongly recommend them for air-conditioned spaces, as they can become quite hot.

Accents & accessories

When choosing accents or accessories for men you can choose items that are simple yet sophisticated, and at the same time in keeping with the theme. For example, lamps for the bedroom can be vertical, providing easy bedtime reading. You can also add animal print throws and rugs, leather or suede pillows for a stylish feel. For paintings and art, go for the earthy or modern. Select large candles in different heights and neutral in colour; they can be placed on a glass or stainless steel tray with river rocks.

Furniture and appliances

When choosing your appliance, bed, side tables, sofa and coffee table, make sure they all have the look of masculinity. Try going for dark to medium-coloured wooden furniture pieces as opposed to wrought iron pieces. Wooden furniture gives a clean look to a masculine space. Light coloured wood and stainless steel, as well as leather furniture in black and dark brown are also great combos.

A man's world is about sophistication, luxury and class all put together. So men, bring out the real you and relax in your own man's space…Enjoy!

Lisa Moore is a member of the Window Covering Association of America (WCAA)