Sunday, February 25, 2018

Style with Audaz-ity

Event planner steps out...

It’s not every day that a young, budding event planner gets the chance to work on a concert product that features Beyonce —only one of today’s hottest entertainers on the planet.

But so it was for Sasha-Ann Clement.

 As the 25-year-old recalled, she was chosen to plan two fashion shows when  the opportunity presented itself for her to work on the production team for a concert. Little did Clement know then that it was the Beyonce concert- the Beyonce concert- presented by bmobile, that the man who contracted her services was referring to.

The concert not only allowed Clement to see what it was like working with a celebrity, it also opened her eyes to another level of event planning.

“Everything was so tight and scheduled - from when they came off the plane to when they left the country. “

She was also blown away by the level of professionalism that she saw displayed by the handlers of the artistes. Being a part of it just made it all the more awesome.

Four years ago, Clement was inspired to form Audaz Eventz —a company that provides professional event management and decor services. 

“Audaz is the Spanish word for bold. I wanted a name to reflect my personality and my bold designs,” she said.

“Our flair for design also gives clients that bold touch to their corporate functions and celebrations.”  Purple, royal blue, red and pink are the colours that jump out at you from various events she has managed.

Clement’s sense of fashion is also much like her designs- bold. She wears one side of her hair shaved and the other  long and blonde. 

Clement is also an unapologetic fashion plate who is proud to say she buys from local fashion designers.

The Beyonce concert not only showed her the right way to execute an event, it also contributed to Clement’s global  thinking for her business. “I want to plan parties for Diddy and Kanye West,” she said with a straight face.

“I love their style and their arrogance,” she said with a laugh.

“And I would like to plan events for A-list celebrities.”

Don’t dare doubt her; Clement is a determined woman. In the four years alone of her company’s existence, she has attracted an impressive clientele that includes bmobile, Deloitte and Touche Trinidad, Samsung, the Ministry of Planning and the Economy, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, NIHERST and the Ministry of the Arts, just to name a few. Clement has also done weddings, private parties, press events, charity fund-raisers, store launches and awards ceremonies.

 Event manager Cassiana Lindsay is Clement’s assistant and together they offer concept creation, design and decor.

Clement’s floral arrangements and floral couture dresses, premiered at the June 8 launch of Audaz Eventz at La Soledad, St Joseph, are sure conversation starters.

At the event, they were featured on live mannequin models stations at different points of the venue. Clement completed her Professional Certificate in Event Management at  George Washington University and her Master’s in Marketing from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business; but Clement’s floral design comes from within.

“I taught myself to do that,” she said.

It helped, too, that she is always around beautiful flowers, since her father- former Customs comptroller Earl Clement, is a horticulturalist.

Clement uses silk flowers in her arrangements, too, and said the uniqueness of her creations help her to  stand out in the large field of event planners. “I also stay true to my brand and my level of thinking is a global and out-of-the-box one.”

Her approach  to event management and design  is much like an artist - she ALWAYS has a vision. Clement, who left her full-time job to run her company, said she is living her passion.

“This does not even feel like work.”

Clement was also recently elected to the Fashion Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FATT) board and said she is looking forward to serving that organisation.

Speaking about the future of Audaz Eventz, the former St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph, pupil only sees great things. “My company is full of potential and is capable of greatness that will transform and break barriers and become a global sensation.” 

Audaz Eventz is on Facebook but the website for  the company is expected go “live” soon.