Saturday, February 24, 2018

‘Bacchanal’ by design


Wearing white cropped pants and a plaid shirt, a model shows off an outfit from Marlon George’s 2014 line, “Aggrandize Yuh Bacchanal”. —Photos courtesy C Wilson Photography

Mark Fraser

Ready to make his mark in fashion, Marlon George, founder and owner of Daww Creations, recently displayed his 2014 Carnival collection, “Aggrandize Yuh Bacchanal”, at MovieTowne, Port of Spain.

The collection was a spin-off from his 2013 collection, “Aggrandizement” which means to get larger; increase in size or numbers.

He said, “As a designer, I took my own interpretation which to me means fashion powerfully made to capture greatness. An intricate weaving of history, power and wealth coming together in every hem, stitch, seam and fold to conquer the world of fashion.”

George from an early age had an eye for fashion. His love for sewing came from his mother, Janet Kernahan, (deceased) who was a seamstress by profession. Under her guidance, George learned the fundamentals of cutting and stitching.

He said, “Growing up if a pants tore, a button fell off or a hem came down, I was the man to fix it. There was always something to do.”

The first time, George attempted to do his own clothing line; he was just 14.

“In high school, my brother and I did a line called RUFF. We stitched the word on everything,” he chuckled and said.

“My brother decided to gravitate more towards theatre arts and I stuck with the fashion,” George said.

“I got my first taste of garment construction at my tailoring class in San Juan Secondary. It was there that my love for fashion grew and I knew this was where I belonged,” he said.

After leaving school, George spent a couple years working as a cutter, tailor and designer for other companies. In 2003, he decided to start his own line called Daww Creations located at #17 Jackson Street, Curepe.

He said, “The name Daww came from my ‘home name’, Darwin which was then abbreviated to Daww (pronounced daahw). The acronym means ‘Distinguished Attitude When Wearing’ and has a couture urban vibe that focuses on the working professional.”

He said, “I always try to create a great fit so when people hear the name Daww they will know what to expect.”

George does mostly men’s wear but recently expanded his repertoire to include women’s wear. Over the past four years he has done shows at San Fernando Fashion Week and Barbados Fashion Week. 

Last year he had the opportunity to show his collection at New York Fashion Week in the US.

He said, “My philosophy when it comes to clothes is this... whatever you did yesterday; today must be better.”

Explaining why he feels so strongly about what he does, George said, “This is somewhat of a spiritual journey for me. It is basically me wanting to be better than I was before. Seeing my kids look up to me and admire what I do, gives me further encouragement to excel not only for myself but also for them.”

George has been a designer for the past 18 years. He is currently working on another collection that he is yet to name but says it will be ready by April.

For more information, e-mail George at