Sunday, February 25, 2018

Banking on homework help


A little help: Scotiabank representatives help children with their studies at the new homework centre.

Mark Fraser

“Every child, regardless of their socio-economic environment should have a fair chance and opportunity to a substantial education,” said, Sandra Ramnath Singh, Tunapuna Branch Manager at Scotiabank during the recent formal opening of the Scotiabank Bright Future Homework Centre at St Joseph Community Centre.

“This homework centre is dedicated to assist these children with their homework and provide them with tutorials on topics they were not able to grasp well during school,” she added.

Members of the media, parents and children on August 6 got the opportunity to be the first ones to get a tour of the brand new homework centre. From bookshelves to books; laptops, printers, charts, stationary supplies and even refurbishment of the interior of the building, the new homework centre was definitely well received by all the smiling young faces in attendance.

“Providing primary and early secondary-level students a safe nurturing learning environment is the goal of the centre. Our team of volunteers spared no effort to ensure that learning is holistic, engaging and transformative,” Singh said.

“Our homework centre runs concurrent with the school term for five days per week from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.,” she added.

Catering to children between the ages of nine to 14, the homework centre can hold about 22 pupils.

“In this community we have four volunteers; teachers that come from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. to help the kids with their homework,” she said.

Some of the subjects taught at the centre include: mathematics, English, science and depending on the age group they also have teachers who can teach Biology and Chemistry.

“Launched in 2008 in Trinidad and Tobago, the Scotiabank bright Future Programme supports those initiatives that create opportunities for the sustainable development of youth and the communities in which we operate,” said, Anya Schnoor, managing director, Scotiabank, Trinidad and Tobago Limited.

She noted that the Scotiabank Bright Future Programme brings together the passion of their employees, the insight of their partners and the spirit of communities.

“Employees of Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago engage in volunteerism throughout the year, there is a special time of year during the months of May to August dedicated to these efforts under the umbrella of the Bright Future Programme,” she said.

“Staff at branches and units all over the country, engages in dedicated projects to assist their communities. The bank provides a financial investment to each branch to undertake these projects within their communities. Additional funds are also raised by the branches and a variety of initiatives are embarked upon,” she said.

Schnoor noted that the projects can range from the supply of educational initiatives or physical assistance by way of refurbishing facilities for schools, special purpose homes and centres.

Quoting the late Dr Eric Williams, former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Singh said, “The future of our generation is in the schoolbags of our children”.

“This phrase still hold true today and we must ensure we give our kids every advantage with regards to their future,” she added.