Saturday, February 24, 2018

Baron’s Birthday Bash


Mark Fraser

Sweet soca man Baron (Timothy Watkins) celebrated his 66th birthday last Sunday among special friends and family in Tunapuna.

It was a quiet evening with plenty calypso talk and sweet parang music from Alicia Jagessar and Los Alumnos de San Juan. 

Guests included Calypso Monarch Chucky (Roderick Gordon), former monarchs Duane O’Connor and Sugar Aloes (Michael Osuna), Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation’s (TUCO) president Lutalo Masimba (Brother Resistance), Ninja, Damien Melville, Mr Desmond and calypso historian and author Rudolph Ottley, former commissioner of police Everald Snaggs, musician Oswin Pompey and his wife Ramona  among others.

Baron’s and Sugar Aloes’ music played in the background as guests took turn in telling stories about their calypso careers.

The Sunday meal provided included ground provision and saltfish and buss up shut with curry mango, chicken, pumpkin and aloo while the bar was well-stocked with premium drinks.

Baron said he was feeling very good at this stage of his life and was going to take it one year at a time, “Plenty fellas not making it to 50 so I give God thanks and praise.”

Here are some highlights of the evening.