Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bringing the Drama


New voices: Students from Rosemand Vocal and Performance Academy Artiste Development Programme.

Mark Fraser

Rosemand Vocal and Performance Academy, led by a team of professionals committed to the development of professional careers in the arts will stage a series of workshops aimed at unlocking participants’ creative potential.  

The workshops which comprise vocal training, drama and art began on July 14 and will continue until August 29. The Academy which opened its doors earlier this year facilitates a curriculum which addresses various concepts such as singing, dancing and other artistic expressions.  Founder and principal of the Academy, Stacy Nurse, said the Academy has developed groundbreaking techniques to educate and train young people in the areas of vocals, songwriting, performance and art. 

Nurse, who is an accomplished classically trained vocalist and performer, noted that there was a need for a facility which moulds the holistic performer.  Nurse noted that creative talents of the nation are sometimes developed to a point where the individuals have superior knowledge in specialist techniques but may be imbalanced in fundamentals such as brand imaging and legal/intellectual rights knowledge. “We have invested our time, money and expertise to design a programme that ensures growth and success for all students.  At Rosemand’s we are a team of highly specialsed and experienced lecturers who have joined forces with a common goal.  We believe Rosemand’s can make a remarkable impact in Trinidad and Tobago and can be viewed as an avenue to prevent crime and as an opportunity to shape/reshape the minds of our young people. We can attest that we can contribute greatly in the quality of musical productions and in the building of a stronger, more marketable music industry.” Nurse said.

 The team of trained lecturers  include: Raymond Achaibar- Vocal Technique instructor, Louis Clarke- Aural Training/Sight Reading lecturer, Joseph Knights- Vocal Technique instructor & Chorale director, Charissa Sealey- Drama coach, Caron Guy- Art instructor, Dr Debra Bartholomew-Anatomy and Physiology lecturer, Moses Babb- Research and Students’ Interest officer, Anson Soverall  Music Producer and Co-founder of FMMG Forward Movement Music, Eustace Dyer- Pphotographer and image consultant and Theodore Celestin- branding manager, senior copywriter/ guest lecturer for RVPA’s upcoming Songwriting Programme. 

The Academy is now in the audition and assessment phase for this semester’s student intake and will provide assessments free of charge. The curriculum facilitates various age groups with disciplines that include Kids Choral, Theatre Clubhouse and Teen Stage.  “These disciplines span various age groups and are structured for maximized attention to students’ both individual and group development. For example, our flagship which is the Artiste Development Programme (ADP) is structured in a holistic manner to ensure that each student is fully prepared for all aspects of a successful vocal career. Specialized training in vocal drills, diction, aural training, stylistic singing and improvisation are mixed with cardio regimens, entertainment law and marketing modules. This unique approach allows a well-rounded student to be developed by the end of the programme. This integrated practice is utilized across the other programme offerings as well and promises to raise the level of performance coaching in the country and region, Nurse explained.

For further details on Rosemand Vocal and Performance Academy or on unlocking either your own potential or of someone you believe is a natural performer, please contact the Academy at rosemandsvpa@gmail.com  or visit their Facebook page at Rosemand’s Vocal and Performance Academy.