Thursday, February 22, 2018

Buffy Is Back



Chrystal "Buffy" Bellille - PHOTO BY DAVE PERSAD

Dave Persad

ENTERTAINER Chrystal "Buffy" Bellille broke out in 2010 with the infectious lyrics of "Man winning on anything, woman winning on anything".

Then she disappeared, having lost her voice and the ability to sing.

Buffy is back, and her new tune, "Pull De Party Down", is getting a lot of air play.

She said she was faced with many obstacles she has now overcome.

Her career was affected by a failed marriage after four years, and the temporary loss of her voice.

The combination left her unable to record successfully.

Buffy said "But now all of that is behind me. I am able to record and sound like my true self once more. My voice is back and my personal issues are over. I have ironed out my issues and I have fully recovered. I was spending too much time with my music and not enough time with God. You can have everything and in a split second it can all be taken away if you neglect the master."

The Claxton Bay artiste said there was a time in her life she was at her lowest.

Her personal situation got the best of her and added to her stressful life. She said she was advised to use a combination steam inhalation therapy, voice and speech therapy and vocal exercise which has been working in her favour.

She said her voice is "great" and she loving her life, living for her two girls, one year-old Nakyah and Kerissa five.

Buffy, 26, said although she was off the scene, she did not hit rock bottom.

She said she was employed for a period as a data entry clerk at Courts furniture store and now a trainee financial advisor at Island Finance, a money lending agency.

She said she was glad to be back on stage but exploring other options in music. She said she was not entering any competitions this year but was not backing away from performing at shows.

"I am not sure about Soca forever. Soca can be a bit demanding on my voice, and the treatment I an doing is ongoing. I am looking at recording dancehall, reggae and conscious music. I know that there are a lot of children who look up to me so I intend to stay away from derogatory lyrics. I have a new life, itís a new me. God has done and continues to do things for me to take my mind off negativity. This year I got some shows but have had to turn them down. I have to do things a bit differently and for me now. I have my family support and that is great," Buffy said.

She said she is managed by Karren Lourie and Devon "Dev" Harris. She said she is now juggling her time training at Island Finance, recording and taking care of her children.

Buffy has recorded songs with chutney artiste Artie Butkoon and soca artiste Rocky. Some of her songs include Fast or Slow, Buffy and Thick, and All Night.