Saturday, February 17, 2018

Businessman Peter Chang calls it a day

...celebrated after resigning as member of Rotary Club of Princes Town


Businessman Peter Chang (second from right) with his family.

Donstan Bonn

AFTER two decades of dedicated service as a member of the Rotary Club of Princes Town, Rotarian Peter Chang tendered his resignation in June.

As a Rotarian, Chang, the owner of the popular Len Hap Supermarket unwaveringly gave of his time, energy and expertise in furthering the charitable objectives of Rotary and of the Rotary Club of Princes Town and it was with a sense of boundless appreciation of his past service that the Club accepted his resignation.

During his tenure Peter served as President, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, Rotary Foundation Director, Club Service Chairperson and International Service Chairperson. Peter an avid golfer as from 2001 played an integral role in the inception, organisation and execution of the Club’s annual Golf Tournament, so much so that the tournament received the nickname “The Peter Chang Golf Tournament” by Rotarians and participants.

On the 09th July 2014 in recognition of Peter’s outstanding contribution as a Rotarian and a member of the Club, Peter was proclaimed by the Club’s President Jamir Ousman an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Princes Town and was accorded the Fellowship and Privileges of such Membership so that he continues as a shining example of the ideals of Rotary and the mandate to “Light up Rotary” enunciated by Rotary International’s President Gary C.K. Huang.

The Club wishes to thank Peter for his dedicated and un-wavering service as a Rotarian and express its gratitude to his partner in service Hazel for her contribution and support of the Club over the years. Krista Chang, Peter’s daughter being inducted as a member of the Club in May 2013, mitigated the Club’s loss.