Monday, January 22, 2018

C-zone up your Carnival season


Mark Fraser


The illustration shows the C-zone area of the face which begins on the outer right side cheekbone area, moving along the forehead, onto the outer left-side cheek area towards the left-side jaw-line, passing under the chin area until it reconnects with the outer right side cheek-bone area again. The C-zone therefore encompasses the entire surface of your face.

Mark Fraser

 Emerging fresh out of the Christmas season where one ought to have treated the C-zone area with purifying, clarifying, detoxifying serums for example, which ought not to be massaged or rubbed back and forth into the skin’s surface, but rather spread evenly using the four fingers of both hands, always returning to the preliminary cupping position so as not to facilitate the development of wrinkles, chafing or scarring of the skin.  

This is mainly because these types of serums do not contain the necessary ingredients to allow for such massaging and thus it tends to dry quite quickly on the skin’s surface. However the effectiveness of some products relies upon light or intense massaging techniques. These products contain the necessary ingredients to enhance, renew and maintain the skin’s elasticity. As such heat is the source from which these products obtain their potency and proper massaging generates heat, warming the product, allowing for its absorption into the skin and leaving a soft, supple, dewy, bright glow.

It is therefore important that products be properly administered to the C-zone area and to do so, you must understand the different tendencies and reactions of each area, such as the cheek area, forehead area, chin area, under eye area and the nose area and the various functions and uses of  specific treatment products. In short, one ought not massage a clarifying serum into the skin’s surface as such serums are usually in liquid forms and dry on the skin’s surface thereby unintended for massaging and to do so will eventually cause wrinkling.  

But the proper use of a night cream is to administer with intense massaging for at least 5-minutes to enable the heat generated from the massage to work along with the product so as to achieve maximum effectiveness. An easy way to determine what to massage and what not to massage into the C-zone is by simply feeling the product using three fingers of one hand, the thumb, middle and index finger.  

If it feels creamy and leaves a shiny residue on your fingers, it most likely requires massaging into the skin to gain its maximum effectiveness. If it is a liquid and dries on your fingers having rubbed it gently using the three fingers mentioned above, then it ought to be evenly spread using the four fingers of both hands and not massaged into the skin. The areas of the face that are most inclined to wrinkling are the under eye area, the forehead area, the outer eye area and the area around the mouth. To escape premature wrinkling one of the key components is the proper administering of products on the face, be it cosmetics or treatment products. 

For instance, some of us who use a powder puff to apply make-up to the skin, begin either with the nose or the cheek, others begin on the forehead, usually pulling the skin with the puff in the wrong directions and sometimes, not even having moisturiser on the face to allow for the sweeping of the puff over the skin’s surface. 

We move the puff from the inside corner of the eye toward the cheek or using the puff, we pull from the middle of the forehead down to the nose. Oftentimes we pull the puff from the jaw-line toward the mouth or we sweep the puff around the mouth area. These motions go against proper mechanics of skin care. To take one section of the C-zone first in this article — the chin area, please note that all application whether it be serums, moisturisers or even cosmetics must be applied by gently pulling directly under the chin area circumnavigating the jaw line, then to the upper chin area, under the lip line, using your four fingers of both hands and directing outwards towards the under ear. 

Keep reading for the proper application motions for other segments of the face using the C-zone remedy.

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