Sunday, February 18, 2018

Calypso memories in the ‘barrack yard’


Mark Fraser

Guests at a May 7 calypso concert at the Mas Camp Pub were caught by surprise when they were asked to enter the show by passing through an outhouse.

The Mas Camp was transformed into a barrack yard with an old wooden house, standpipe, cutlass in a tyre, rusty galvanise fence and several prostitutes, a true replica of those of yesteryear.

The Last Bad John of Calypso (Kurt Allen) pulled a full house in a production which featured theatre and music and included guests Allan Welch, reining humorous monarch the Incredible Myron B and five-time calypso monarch Black Stalin.

De Badjohn admitted this was his first live concert and took patrons through the early years of his career building up to 2014. The first half of the show featured MC Rosie who carried the role with grace and dignity from the barrack yard.

De Badjohn sang “Only Sports”, “When Will it End” done with acoustic guitar and drum only, “Power of Belief”, “Heroes”, “Mountain”, “Miss Mary Pet” from his school days, “Sexy Body” and “Stampede”.

Both Welch and Myron B performed in this half while the band filled the spaces with several musical interludes.

The second half began with De Badjohn doing “Long Live Calypso”, “Political Sin Phony” and “Change”. A musical interlude ensued before he continued with “Too Bright”. 

Musical director Adrian Jaikaran sang and played on pan Andre Tanker’s “Forward Home” in which he got the audience involved. De Badjohn did “Stalin Say” before he introduced Stalin to perform two songs.

Allen changed several outfits on the night all to suit the songs he delivered. His last change of outfit came when he and the entire cast did “SSS”, this song saw both performers and patrons spilling onto the pavement outside the camp for the grand finale.