Monday, February 19, 2018

Cancer walk for Jesus next month


HEALTHIER: The Cancer Walk For Jesus was Nathalia Lee’s initiative.

Donstan Bonn

Cancer, while it has taken the lives of many it has also created multiple survivors. 

Nathalia Lee is one of them and her testimony is a rather miraculous one. In 2004 she was diagnosed after having fibroid surgery. “It’s hard to hear that you went in with something and came out with something else,” she said. Keeping it a secret from most of her loved ones she managed to go through all the necessary procedures hoping to get better. And in 2008 she had her last surgery which would have supposedly extended her life — or so she thought. 

In 2009, Lee got into a vehicular accident which left her badly injured. Shortly after, she realised that she could not pass urine or stools and as a result all her waste was storing up inside of her. “If you saw me you would think that I was ready to give birth,” she explained. All the while she assumed it was because of the accident but doctors found out that the cancer had returned. It had spread throughout her entire body causing her organs to shut down one by one. Her liver and colon were first which was why she couldn’t pass waste. She was told to go home, write her will and come to terms with death because she would not live beyond two weeks. 

Lee remembered crying in her car after receiving the news. “And that is when I met Aunty Pat,” she said. Patricia Selman-Sookdar, the owner of the Migun centre in Woodbrook which specialises in thermal therapy, took her in. She was put to lie on one of the thermal massage beds and shortly after she began passing waste again. She was elated but her problems were far from over.

 “The reality was, I lost a lot of weight, I had no hair, I had a different complexion but I fought for life.” She became emotional as she described the intensity of the pain that accompanied stage IV cancer but she never stopped smiling. Prayer was her comfort as she continued to keep her faith in God. However, on September 14th 2011 she was at her lowest. The pain was unbearable and she was beginning to give in to the thought that her time was up. But again she closed her eyes one last time and prayed for a testimony and if not, she asked God to take her to see her mother who had died when she was a child. 

“I heard a voice,” she said. “God said, ‘Get up, you are healed.’” She then woke up from a deep sleep with assurance that it was true. But she didn’t tell the doctors immediately for they would have thought she was delusional. Slowly she began to recuperate; moving and eating what little she could. One doctor in particular realised she was looking slightly better and sent her to get some tests done. The results left them in disbelief; all the cancer was gone. “I cried. People thought I was crying because I got bad news but I was crying because I was healed,” she smiled.

This bright and spirited woman now dedicates her time to helping others spiritually in order to fulfil her promise to God. She meets with those suffering from illnesses and offers her prayers and support to them. “It doesn’t matter where they are I will go to them and for those I can’t get to I pray for them.” She also has her own business called “The Pink Chef” where she has her own line of organic, gluten-free breads and foods. She explained that her recipes come from the Bible which she modifies slightly for those who can’t have a regular diet.   

Cancer Walk for Jesus which her initiative has been annual since the last two years and she is looking forward to seeing more supporters this year. The walk’s banner is called “HEALED—the other side of cancer” which she explains is not restricted to one religion or illness. It is a walk of hope and celebration. 

The walk will take place on September 13, opposite TGIF around the Queen’s Park Savannah at 7 a.m. Registration is free and T-shirt costs are $85 (adults) and $45 (children). There will be prizes, giveaways and what Lee calls her “Pink Unveiling” to be discovered on the day. All proceeds go to the Find Yourself Foundation, which specialises in deep level l. 

For further information, contact Nathalia Lee:- 752-8528, Patricia Selman- Sookdar:- 705- 2150 or 628-0901 (Migun Centre) or Deborah:- 770-4929. You can e-mail them at