Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Carmona's Parents - Tony Will Make You Proud

...they knew he would be President some day


Barbara and Dennis Carmona, the parents of Justice Anthony Carmona, who was nominated on Monday by Government, to become the nation's fifth President - PHOTO by Dave Persad

Dave Persad

BARBARA Carmona said that whenever she passed the President's official residence at St Ann's, Port-of-Spain she would think "My son, Tony, will be there one day".

Her "mother's instinct" has become a reality.

Son Anthony Carmona, was on Monday named the Government's nominee to be the nation's fifth President.

Barbara Carmona and her husband, Dennis Carmona, said they

knew Justice Carmona was destined for greatness.

"You know when you watch you child and see how they progress in their work. Itís a motherís feelings. He was a good child. He had something special about him. He has God-given gifts", the mother said.

"Tony had all the inclinations at an early age to be a born leader", said his father. "I must commend Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and everyone else involved for choosing Tony. He has the capability to bring this country from the precipice where it is back to a degree of normalcy".

Speaking at their home at Crest Camp, Fyzabad yesterday, Carmona's parents recalled that he often spoke about the escalation in crime.

"He has this country at heart. We have spoken time and again about the crime factor, and something is not right, and I think he will straighten that out. Once it is to the benefit of the country as a whole he will do it. It is hard to twist him around.

"As long as you are right, he will stay with you", said his mother.

The parents, who have been married for 61 years, spoke of

Carmona's childhood and of him growing up among five siblings.

They described him as expressive yet obedient, disciplined in his school work and lifestyle, and a child who spent weekends with his family at the beach and exploring different parts of the country.

His father said Justice Anthony Carmona is a staunch Catholic,

who at one time considered becoming a priest.

But his mother said the manner in which he counselled both older and younger siblings, his heart was "always in law, but he was more like a psychiatrist. If you have a problem he would relate to you and console you and tell you how to handle it in a peaceful manner.

He was always a person on substance".

Barbara Carmona said " I told my sisters that Tony would be a President one day. I watched the house (in which the President lived) when I go in town (Port-of-Spain) and I said : 'My son will be there one day'. When I saw the President, I said 'One day my son

will be like you'. Itís surprising, but it came to pass".

The parents said Carmona's passion was reading, and as a child he "would spend his last cent" to buy a book.

Carmona attended Santa Flora Government Primary School, and Presentation College, San Fernando, where he became a school prefect, a member of the choir and participated in cycling.