Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Carnival hairstyles —just to be bold!


STYLISH: A purple bob and a colourful Afro. —Photos: Curtis Chase

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Sometimes, when it seems all the possible hairstyles have been exhausted and you want a new look that can truly stand out from the rest, doing something bold and out of the ordinary might be just what you need.

With Carnival season fast approaching the latest in hair extensions may have some people tickled pink with the selections. From pony pieces to colourful Afros we have dozens of hairstyles for persons looking for a whole new look or just looking to add some length to their own hair, said Allison Pierre-George the owner of Allison's at Aboutique Mall in Port of Spain on Wednesday (February 9).

Showing us a few tricks women can easily do at home to either change their look or give their own hairdo a boost; George explained some of the advantages of hair extensions.

Pierre-George said, "Women love it because of the convenience. You can do a wide variety of hairstyles without damaging your own hair. You can change your hair colour as often as you like without the use of harsh chemicals. And you can also try long and short hairstyles without ever having to cut your own hair."

"The most popular hairstyles right now are the lace front wigs. Women like it because the hair falls so naturally it's hard for people to tell if you are wearing a wig," she said.

Another popular hair extension is the clip in weave, she said. Just as the name implies, the hair is fastened to your own hair via snaps.

"Some women choose this because they just want to add some fullness to there already existing hairstyle. But colour is very "in" for Carnival. Pink in all shades is very hot right now," Pierre-George said.

"And of course, you can't forget braids. We have them in every colour and texture. For those who want it straight, wavy or rigorous curls, that is one hairstyle that never grows old. And people often wear braids not just in but out of the Carnival season too," Pierre-George said.

So whether you decide to clip it, sew it, glue it or braid it make sure your hairstyle has personality and tonnes of colours if you decide to do something new.