Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Carnival tips for partygoers


GETTING A FOOT MASSAGE: Foot and leg massages alleviate the pain or discomfort one may feel as a result of the added activities at Carnival.

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SOAKING THE FEET: Soaking is essential in soothing tired, achy feet.

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I think it's a known fact by now for those who read my column, I love Carnival…I'm a Trini! A 'social Trini' but a Trini all the same. Haven't played mas in a few years and indeed I miss it but priorities take precedence.

Attended a club last week where soca artistes performed and then an all-inclusive over the weekend, enjoy the socialising and music. The energy of our people is amazing and it's what makes us unique. Of course however, can't help it, I observed feet and footwear. Even had a conversation at the fete with a former schoolmate regarding such.

She complained about the fact that between having a good time taking in the DJ and artistes alike, and the food lines; her feet hurt. She was in heels and regretted every moment of it. It looked nice but her feet didn't feel too nice! I was happy I opted to not bow to fashion, although that little voice was bugging me.

From that point till I left the food line, while deep in conversation, I couldn't help but put on my observation hat…thanks Merica! I started observing expressions, some ladies have the somewhat masked (I'm in discomfort look), while some others have the walk. Either way it doesn't make sense focusing purely on fashion over comfort.

Feet goers

For those singing 'I iz a feter', by all means dress up and look sexy BUT remember these tips:

• Be foot smart — remember, you may have to walk a distance to and from the vehicle so wear appropriate footwear.

• Interchange — too flat isn't good and neither is too high, mix it up for the different events and a good compromise is to wear wedges…not too high but certainly wedges provide more support throughout the arch.

• Foot soaks — essential to soothing tired, achy feet.

• Massages — foot and leg massages alleviate the pain or discomfort one may feel as a result of the added activities.


Yes 'The Stage Open' and you visualising yourself on Monday and Tuesday crossing it to the pulsating songs of your favourite artiste, remember though comfort is key.

While you'll jump on the stage to Fay-Ann and wine to the beat of Machel's "Witch Doctor" drums, remember to do these things.

• Insoles — wear them to get the most comfort possible.

• Proper footwear — ensure that you select sensible sneakers and boots as these can determine the comfort or pain/discomfort you experience.

• Calluses — Depending on your weight bearing and the type of footwear you use, it would contribute to the areas you tend to build up. Walking barefooted also causes such and is not advised.

• Corns — the shoes you choose determine the feet you have, shoes with insufficient toe box space and that are hard contribute to corns.

• Cutting toenails — ensure your toenails are not too long as this may hit against the top of your footwear and cause discomfort, likewise, if the toenails are cut too short or not cut straight across it can also lead to pains and discomfort due to ingrown occurring.

• Toenail issues — after Carnival we have visits from many masqueraders and feters regarding damaged or lost toenails. This usually happens after the feet are stomped on, trauma to the nail bed leads to the nail appearing blood shot or lifting.

All in all there is a need to protect your feet during this season and throughout as it's what carries us, make it your resolve to maintain and properly care for them.

Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!

Leana Huntley is an English trained foot health practitioner

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