Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Carolyn Correia thinks out loud

Carolyn Correia has a long list of titles behind her name – freelance writer, communications specialist, human resource manager – and after launching her first book, Thinking Out Loud (Lulu Press, 2011), in December, she can now add author to that list.

Thinking Out Loud is a book about life. In the 87-page collection of inspirational articles focusing on self-discovery Correia covers themes such as careers, family, love, passion, relationships and even pays tribute to and celebrates loved ones.

She speaks about reflecting on the past, welcoming new beginnings and also shares her thoughts on growing up, especially her thoughts on what turning 30 meant for her. All the writing is based on her personal experience and although Correia wants readers to learn from and connect with the literature, she says the work is in no way didactic.

"It's not really preaching, it's more like my take on life and I'm hoping people can relate to it. This is more inspirational and there isn't one viewpoint. The book talks about the different experiences you encounter during life's journey."

Correia's journey as a writer began while she was still in secondary school, but she was never able to truly take it up full time. "Since I was a teenager I always knew that I wanted to write but I didn't know how to channel it. It was a long journey. I wasn't able to get into the field right away but I started channeling these energies again within the last few years."

While channeling her writing abilities, Correia has had articles published in the Express Woman, the Trinidad Guardian and Newsday. She also spent two years writing for a Jamaican publication, Panache Jamaica Magazine, and currently writes for the UK-based online publication Overblog.com.

She began putting this book together in 2008 and was initially apprehensive about publishing.

"At first, I wasn't sure people would be able to relate, but I gave it to friends and co-workers and they encouraged me to continue. Their reactions were all the satisfaction I needed. That was the whole point: to make people feel better. It was all worthwhile to see people's reactions."

The positive reactions to her writing were also evident at the private book launch Correia hosted on December 17. She invited a small group of family and friends in order to thank them for their support and to share her "reason for being." According to Correia, the event was such a success that she is tentatively planning a public launch in January 2012 at Nalis.

The launch was also a time for readers to share their thoughts about the writing. "People gave comments about how my writing has inspired them and that was really lovely. One of my friends joked and said I was lucky enough to hear my eulogy while I was still alive."

And what is Correia's reason for being? Writing. "What I love about writing is the fact about self expression. When I write it could be triggered by a simple thought, one word could trigger it and I will just start writing, the words just flow. I have a love for self-expression and I like to see my thoughts on paper. I believe it's a relief for me so it's almost cathartic. It's a way of releasing of my emotions."

Deeper meaning towards life

A first-time author, Carolyn Correia's new book Thinking out Loud promises to contain something special for each and everyone. A collection of inspirational articles, that speaks volumes to persons who are seeking a deeper meaning towards life. The name was chosen as it expresses what we often think about but seldom discuss. Some key aspects include Career and Passion, Family and Relationships, The True meaning of Christmas, a tribute to parents, celebrating milestones and much more. The final chapter reflects on the past year and charts the way forward with some New Year's resolutions.

This collection reminds us to value the simple things in life that we often take for granted and allows us to let go of our inhibitions and reach for our dreams. The viewpoint is universal and open to all religions and denominations, cultures and schools of thought. It takes an inside look at issues we thought that no one understood as the author shares her insight along life's journey.

It ought to make a well-timed Christmas gift for the holidays for many persons who are interested in healing, self-actualisation or discovering their purpose as it focuses on the things that really matter which cannot be seen with the eye but felt in our "heart of hearts." The author leaves readers with a quotation at the end of her articles so as to reinforce the meaning and theme. She acknowledges that "everyone has a message to impart and it's important that we have an opportunity to do so. Life is a work in progress and you're never too big to learn from anyone, that's how you grow and evolve into better human beings."

"Learned, inspired, heartfelt. This is a charming and nicely written philosophical collection." —Lulu Enterprises, Inc (U.S.A.)

About the Author

Carolyn K Correia is a creative, literary enthusiast whose first love is writing. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the West Indies and a Master's in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. She has formal training in Broadcasting, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations and classical piano, theory and practical with the Royal Schools of Music (UK). Carolyn has considerable professional experience in the fields of Human Resource Management and Communications and is also a freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in several publications in her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. She loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, photography, movies and blogging as a means of release—the latter which she says is "instinctual and cathartic."

Thinking out Loud is available at RIK Bookstores nationwide and online at lulu.com.

Those who missed her first book launch can look out for her public launch, which takes place this month at the National Library (Nalis), Port of Spain.