Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Christmas Chocolates Inspired by Divali

...Chocolatier Gina Hardy's Creations

Vegan Almond Truffles[1]

Vegan Almond Truffles

Donstan Bonn

Passion Fruit Truffles[1]

Passion Fruit Truffles

Donstan Bonn

Cardamom Coins[1]

Cardamom Coins

Donstan Bonn

INSPIRED by the Hindu festival of Divali, chocolatier Gina Hardy has come up with some chocolate creations just in time for the Christmas season.

The owner of Gina's Truffles newest additions to her famous collection are chocolate coins from her "Spice Collection."

Hardy said, " It is very christmassy to get chocolate coins. They are wrapped in jeweled colored foil which is also very festive. "There are three flavours- cardamom and pistachio, chilli and cranberry and lime and black pepper. They have a base of 65 percent local cocoa.

The chocolate caramels truffles, said Hardy, has " a base of 65 percent Trini cocoa and topped with a salty caramel, almonds, currants and cranberries."

The price of the coins are $200 for 24 and the chocolate caramels truffles are $200 for 18.

Hardy also has her usual truffles that are priced at $195 for 32.

Gina's Truffles became popular after a box of chocolates was given to every Head of State including US President Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2009 when the event was held in Port of Spain.

All her Gina's chocolates are made with local cocoa and some are flavoured with local coffee and rum.

They are "manufactured" without any fancy machinery.

Hardy also creates personalised flavours and packaging.

Most of her advertising is done by word of mouth, direct marketing at Christmas bazaars and corporate events, social networking sites, predominantly Facebook, and placing her products at retail stores.