Exercise is critical for work -life balance.


Christmas is over ...Carnival soon come

From the Christmas party at work, your significant other’s work Christmas party, your sister’s work Christmas party, your friend’s work Christmas party, get the idea? Let’s not forget the lime at your house, Christmas lunch by granny, Boxing Day lime by other family, paranging by friends. It seems to be never ending and indeed you enjoy every moment of it…you’re just tired at the end!
Basically you have eaten twice as much as you usually do, and put on quite a few pounds in a short space of time, which impacts the feet. Additionally, you have been going non-stop, being on your feet a lot, more than the norm.
In a number of instances in high heels that provided little or no support, as I mentioned last week. And as I was reliably informed by my fellow practitioner, she was horrified by the number of sisters who opted to worship at the altar of fashion and were shopping in incredibly high heels!

And obesity rates
continue to climb
Let’s reflect on it all. Obesity is on the rise. More and more you are seeing a lot of overweight kids, which leads to overweight adults, which in turn leads to lifestyle diseases. In reflecting on these diseases, think of your family, your friends, your friends’ family.
Aren’t there many of them with one lifestyle disease or the other? The foods we eat, the lifestyle choices we make, it all impacts. Imagine in a country of 1.3 million people, fast foods can be found everywhere. And the expansion continues, almost unabated… The fried food and sugary treats along with the lack of exercise is destroying us.

What about the diabetics?
A number of diabetics continue to be nonchalant about their disease and the impact on their body; their kidneys, their eyes, their feet, their life span, their quality of living, and their family and friends.
We have also been finding many entrepreneurs being diagnosed with the disease, due to lack of balance between running their businesses and maintaining their health. The result; many have poor circulation and neuropathy.

How are the elderly faring?
The elderly need assistance. While a number of seniors are very independent, we see an equal number that truly need help from their kids. Financial and emotional support is important. Their balance and ability to move around isn’t what it used to be in some instances, so monitor them and offer to help.
We applaud those families who consistently bring their seniors to have them looked after, especially their feet. Here’s how you can help:
• Do physical checks to make sure everything is in order with them.
• If they are diabetic, check for sensations in the feet, bruises, breaks in the skin.
• Be aware of diabetic care and observe it, or hammer it into their heads.
We lost a number of seniors at the Clinic in 2013, and it is important to observe trends, to see if all that could have or should have been done …was done.

With Carnival in mind...
As Destra sang a few years ago…Carnival in T&T is so special to all ah we”, and it indeed is. When I think about the fact that I wouldn’t be around to go to a fete, it’s hard. Over the years it has become tradition that as the Christmas party finishes, the feteing starts. So we move from being on our feet a lot to being on our feet more.
Again we put fashion before comfort and health. If the heels not high, our outfit isn’t complete. It’s the mind set of many females. When the pain starts, they say not again…until the next event is what they really mean.
Start operating with wisdom, think about the potential problems that can surface: the blisters, corns, calluses, bunions, plus more; all as a result of poor footwear choices. Think about the fact that these two feet have to carry you for the rest of your days and what you put in is what you’ll get out.
As the New Year approaches, consider whether your feet and body got the treatment and care they deserved. You owe it to them.
While I’m not one big on making resolutions…I would say make a decision to take care of you in 2014, you deserve it!
A Healthy and Prosperous New Year to all!
Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!

Leana Huntley is an English trained foot health practitioner attached to ALMAWI Limited The Holistic Clinic. For further
information, e-mail
info@almawiclinic.com or visit www.almawiclinic.com
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