Saturday, February 17, 2018

Christmas elegance

Capture the joy of the season in timeless designs


hello, yellow!: Ornella Samuel wears a knee-length yellow lace dress. —Photos: Steven Morris courtesy Saleem Samuel

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chic: Rayan Baptiste, above, shows off a long black and white dress with short sleeves.

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Timeless elegance is how local fashion designer Saleem Samuel describes his latest collection called "Christmastic". Trying to capture all of the colour and joy associated with the Christmas season, this accomplished designer gave the Express a sneak peak at some of his creations.

Using beautiful fabrics such as Chantilly lace, two-way stretch lurex and peau di sioe satin, Samuel admitted it was important to him that all his clients feel pampered and experience that feeling of luxury.

"I wanted to concentrate on colour but to also incorporate a few black and white pieces which are very trendy right now. I did formal wear and items of clothing that would be suitable for cocktail parties and Old Year's parties. I manipulated the fabrics to highlight different shapes and also did some draping to reflect different silhouettes that specifically cater for women who are chic and desire that elegance," Samuel said.

"The aim of the designs is to give everyone their special red-carpet moment," he said.

Samuel noted with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people suffer with various levels of stress and depression.

"Putting on something that looks good—and you know it looks good on you—can definitely lift your spirits," he said. My collection goes from a size four to a size eight, however if someone is bigger, I am not afraid to do the dress of their dreams on a larger scale." Colour-blocking is very in right now, and I want people to feel joy when they wear my clothing. My looks are timeless and, coupled with good jewelry, gives you a piece/s that you can wear for more than one occasion," Samuel said.

Samuel noted while women at the moment are at the forefront when it comes to fashion, more men now are becoming fashion-oriented and are showing greater interest in what they wear and their overall style.

"For twenty years, I have been doing this, and I love to see people look their best. I know what looks good. I know what touches my heart because at the end of the day, I live and breathe fashion."

As someone embedded in the world of fashion, what does Samuel believe would be the trend for 2013?

"I think it would be a lot of black and white. I think we will see more people looking to combine black and white, and not just do all black or white. I think we will also see a lot of sheer material and, of course, bright colours—that never goes out of style," he said.