Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas face-treats


High in antioxidants: Chocolate treatments.

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The Christmas season is used by many as a time to renew, reconnect and rejuvenate from the year's trials, struggles and challenges. Many resolutions are produced in an effort to better face or treat with the day-to-day encounters that we know will come in the upcoming new year.

There are some fantastic face-treats in which you can indulge or take advantage of, or perhaps even offer as presents, that can assist in solving some of the skin problems and challenges you have had to deal with during the past year.

Chocolate treatments are high in antioxidants that work well with acne and other imperfections of the skin, such as blemishes.

Starch treatments are a great alternative to glycolic peels and other acids that can cause redness and scarring of the skin. Also they attend to acne scars and even acne or other similar imperfections, leaving a luminous glow.

Argan oil face-massage treatments help mend broken capillaries and treats with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types more effectively than moisturising.

Green tea, honey and cinnamon infuse the collagen in the skin, creating instant illumination to dull skin.

Pomegranate treatments do the same as the above while providing hydration to the skin.

Hydration treatments do as the name insinuates.

Natural sugar and cocktail scrubs are great for skin exfoliation and can loosen dirt, grime and unnatural oils from the skin and assist in unclogging pores.

Vitamin C-infused treatments work well on acne and dermatitis.

Coconut treatments are great as natural lighteners for mild dark spots and blemishes.

All these treatments come with further home-treats that are to be used [at home] to maximise the potency of the treatments and provide maximum results. Most professional institutes would carry such treatments, if not similar ones, and they usually range in price from $250 to $400. These treatments can begin to mend some of the issues you have had with your skin during the year, but ought to be complimented with further specific skin treatments at least once every 45 days to totally eliminate or successfully treat with the problem. Yet they can be done by themselves as a Christmas face-treat to simply mend and uplift one's spirit and provide a glow to your skin and a smile to your face.

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