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Christmas pillows for a festive holiday decor


Quilted and hand-beaded pillows.

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An assortment of designed pillows.

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Are you looking for the perfect accent for your holiday decorating? Looking for a beautiful Christmas gift for someone special? Well, festive pillows make great gifts. They are more than just novelty items. They have become treasured additions to the home that people of all ages can enjoy. Throw pillows are a great investment to make since, their themes can be timeless and their quality lasts for many years. The Christmas holidays are a special time of year, and many of us like to decorate inside and outside of our homes to celebrate the season.

As I have stated in a past article, decorative pillows are the most versatile home accessory. They are like pieces of jewelry that can transform an otherwise bland chair, sofa or room, and that is the single reason why I am so passionate about them. Today, I have chosen to showcase festive pillows with a difference. They are not Christmas themed but are suitable for the season, and because of this, they can create year round joy, excitement and sophistication. A Christmas motif cushion is one of the easiest ways to add holiday cheer. However, they will limit how often you can use them. I personally prefer using fabrics or embellishments that do not have Christmas motifs.

Pillow styles, sizes and shapes are endless. They can be extravagant, ornate, whimsical, floral and so on. Festive pillows can showcase decorative details; smocking, hand beading, hand-made rosettes, bows and yo-yos accentuate one's home. A well constructed pillow with details always draws attention to the overall design of the pillow, and ultimately, the entire room. Christmas cushions make great gifts. Should you decide on making them yourself, they will be low in cost and so much personalisation can go into them. Firstly, you need to think about who the cushion is for. Think about the interests of your friends and family. If you're a creative person, you may consider sewing a simple image, or adding embellishments onto the cushion. If you are not-so-great with things like that, you can make simple but beautiful cushions, choosing lovely patterned fabrics.

Fabric options such as faux silk, organza, shantung, satin and lace, are economically priced fabrics that can easily be purchased at any of our many fabric shops. They come in a wonderful array of colours, perfectly suited to the current season. A good idea one that I resort to a lot is to use dress fabrics like patterned and beaded organza and beautiful embroidered silks. For plain organza and silks, your home decor fabric supplier is the best place to look. If your budget is already a little stretched this Christmas then you can make really exciting embellishments like rosettes and bows from small pieces of fabric that you may have left over from another sewing project. Try to be imaginative and pick tactile, colourful fabrics with a silky, beaded or other appropriate textured finish.

Adding pillows is always an easy and effective way to inject a pop of colour into your space, and they always invite one to unwind in comfort. Cushions and pillows can really make your home look stunning and elegant and they also make great gift items. Depending on your budget and desire, pillow prices can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. To the hobbyist or anyone looking for a weekend project, there are a number of websites with simple steps on how to make your own cushions, or you can call us at Lismoore for "furnishings with a difference"... Enjoy!

Delight in the pillow gallery, and I hope it fuels your creativity. Have a fun filled day.

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