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Christmas tree skirts

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SIMPLE BEAUTY: A felt skirting with poinsettia appliques. —Photos courtesy Lisa Moore

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I know it's almost Christmas, your decorations are all up, but now is as good a time as any to talk about skirting your Christmas trees. A Christmas tree skirt can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. These skirts come in a dizzying variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Picking one out can be an exercise in patience, but you should have at least a few ideas about what you are looking for in a skirt. Not only does a Christmas tree skirt cover up that Christmas tree stand, it can also pull together the overall look of your Christmas tree. Skirting your trees really adds a lot to them and is in my opinion the perfect finishing touch for your tree. Whether you need to cover up an unsightly tree stand (which you should), or want to create a total picture with your Christmas tree, adding a skirt to your tree completes the look. Skirts can be "wow" or simple, and made in just about any fabric that complements your decor or theme. Be creative; there are tons of great ideas for your Christmas tree skirt via the Internet, or whether it's being custom made, purchased or "do-it-yourself". You can spend as much as you want on your skirts; the simpler ones could cost as little as $100 while fancier ones would be hundreds of dollars or more if they are custom made in pure silks or velvets or purchased from high-end online shops. One of the most common questions I get about tree skirts is, "How large should your tree skirt be?" Well, this will depend on the size of your tree and your tree stand, as well as the diameter of your tree, or more specifically, the diameter of the bottom branches. You want the skirt to not only cover the stand, but also extend to the diameter of the bottom branches.

Tips for your tree skirts:

a You want to be sure the skirt is big enough to cover the tree stand beneath.

a The skirt should not be too much wider than the average width of the tree branches at the bottom.

a To avoid accidents, keep the tree skirt out of any walkways. If the skirt you choose is too wide, just tuck the edges under.

a Christmas tree stands today are a bit large and bulky. A traditional tree skirt may not be large enough to cover and camouflage it; you may need to make your own, designed to fit around your stand. In cases where there is no skirt and you need coverage, you can drape fabric around the base of the tree.

a If you want your Christmas tree skirt to be the centre of attention, choose or have one made of lush fabrics, bright or metallic colours.

a If you want it to be a background for your gifts, choose a simple or plain fabric in a neutral colour.

a How to assemble your skirt. The skirt is the final touch after the lights, garlands and ornaments are placed on your Christmas tree. The skirt is place over the tree stand and spread out under the tree.

a A Christmas tree skirt offers yet another opportunity to enhance your decor. For example a formal living room would look great in a lush, red velvet tree skirt while a simple cotton or appliqued tree skirt would be perfect for a casual space.

a The trend in tree skirts today is leaning more and more to elegant styles, regardless of your decorating scheme. You can look for gorgeous satin-banded velvet skirts, designs with embroidered sheers over coloured linings, sumptuous beaded styles, or appliqued fleece and cottons, many of which can be custom-made or purchased.

a If your family does not put gifts under the tree until Santa arrives on Christmas morning, your tree skirt will give a finished look and colour to the base of your tree until the big day.

a If you display gifts under the tree all during the holiday and you hardly see the tree skirt, please do not spend a lot of money on it, if it will be covered up most of the time.

Your skirts should be reusable. It's important to fold, wrap in plastic and store so that next year you just remove it from storage, give it a good iron and it looks like new. Whatever type of Christmas tree skirt you end up with, make sure it is one you truly like. After all, you will be looking at it for at least a month! Happy skirting and Merry Christmas...Enjoy!

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