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Colour is the 'new white'

For wedding dresses in 2013...


NON-TRADITIONAL: Vera Wang's 2013 Collection

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Attention brides who want to spice things up and add some sizzle to traditional bridal wear. Who said you have to wear white on your wedding day? The days of only bridesmaids wearing "colour" down the aisle are changing.

According to event planner Candace Polk of 'Wedding Industry and Small Business Market': "The upcoming 2012-2013 wedding season, designers have created dresses for brides in different colours and no longer the traditional white... from green to red and even black."

Although brides have traditionally worn white on their wedding day, these days brides are choosing to wear colours that they like, rather than one they are expected to. This includes bold colours (red, burgundy or black), neutral colours (ivory or pink), or a short or long gowns. Many brides-to-be are opting out of traditional and customary expectations.

Wearing white is a 'western' tradition which started with Queen Victoria of England. This was the old- fashioned way and still the norm. However, in other cultures, such as the Hindu and Muslim cultures, red and gold are the traditional wedding colours, and white is used in funerals. Western brides are becoming more adventurous and borrowing from other traditions, and also creating their own style based on their tastes.

Vera Wang's 2012 Fall Collection showcased black wedding gowns and her 2013 Spring Collection displays bold colours for the "non-traditional" bride.

What colour are you wearing on your wedding day?

Here are a few designs from Vera Wang's 2013 Collection taken from her website.

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