Monday, January 22, 2018

Crix & anything!


NEW LOOK: Bermudez Biscuit Company unveiled its new packaging at the Crix Food Festival on Thursday. –Photos: ANISTO ALVES

Mark Fraser

Bermudez Biscuit Company spared no punches for the launch of the Crix Food Festival last Wednesday at Veronique Manjani’s residence, 18 Mary Street in St Clair.

The Crix Street Food Festival is the platform the Bermudez Biscuit Company hosted for a gala launch of the evolution of the Crix brand with the slogan “Crix Makes It Better”, along with a fresh advertising campaign and new packaging.

Guests were enticed with a variety of palatable pairings prepared by contemporary award-winning chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier, who created a variety of creative Crix-infused desserts and toppings served on the Crix cracker.

Guests enjoyed toppings which included Fire Roasted and Tomato Salsa, Shrimp Buljol, Smoked Herring Tapenade, Cheese Spread topped with caramelised pineapple and Tamarind ‘Pulled’ Chicken. Desserts included pone, tiramisu and cheese cake infused with Crix.

Bermudez general manager Ian Mitchell spoke on the evolution of Crix crackers. He said the Bermudez Biscuit Company wants to move quickly, building on its existing customer base and moving to where new consumers are to better address their needs and desires.

He said the company’s newest innovation brings the latest in cracker-manufacturing technology to the factory, improving the quality of crackers with packaging that supports consumers’ lifestyles and convenience. “This evolution that we speak of is taking place at all levels. Within our organisation, it means that we’ve extended our reach, recognising that we are creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels empowered to take creative risks in ways that position our brand to propel us forward with continued commitment to providing a quality experience in our customers. We want to continue to push the envelope with our product offerings while ensuring that we delight you each and every time,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell noted that the latest cracker technology improves the quality of the crackers and new packaging which aims to support consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles and need for convenience. The advertising campaign, new packaging and improved crackers are scheduled to hit shelves in early July.

Try these recipes courtesy Bermudez Biscuit Company:

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