Monday, February 19, 2018

Curse of entitlement

 Much attention has been placed on the situation of farmers in Cha­guaramas and other parts of the country recently, and I have been listening to both sides of the issue on the talk shows.

As a young woman, I have grown up in poverty myself, and through hard work and strict time management, I have managed to put myself through university.

I have gotten everything I have through hard work and honesty, but somehow, I seem to think these values are being lost in this society.

I am so disturbed by the fact that farmers are illegally occupying lands. They have been given noti­ces, chances and time to reap their crops, and yet they are still arguing for their right to the land. As a matter of fact, it seems like bullying to me. 

How can we be reading articles about these farmers running into the bushes, wielding cutlasses at men who were legally contracted to clear the land, and yet no one seems to care? 

I am not one to celebrate the loss of food, but what I am seeing here is the highest level of illegal behaviour and thuggery that seem to be ignored by all. Why are these men embarras­sing their families, communities and country?

I am wondering how an international investor will feel, looking in at this lawless, land-grabbing behaviour. This attitude of “de Gov­ernment owe we” and “let we see what we can get” is becoming annoying. I am quite fed up with these people. 

We must stop encouraging the mindset of entitlement (“meh great-grandmother lived there”). Until this happens, we will not have real economic growth and 

development in sweet T&T.

Jenny Whitman